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SEC: Dell Deal brings Insider Trading

The Securities and Exchange Commission keeps tabs on the business practices of our nation and basically polices against unfair and sudden gains of wealth at the expense of others or through shady practices. A number of people, even high profile figures, have had run-ins with the SEC in the past by seeking to gain wealth with private information and illegal practices.A Perot Systems investment firm employee has been charged with insider trading with information gained during the process of Dell acquiring the company. The employee reportedly took home $8.6 million dollars after selling options knowing the Dell acquisition was just around the corner.
Greedy tactics like insider trading continually creep up in our economy, even after the recession was caused by loose economics on the part of people in advantageous positions in which they can make fast capital. Should these white-collar crimes perhaps carry a heavier price to dissuade would-be criminals?The SEC has worked very hard to help Americans during a troubled economy.  Some hard working Americans are very concerned about their tax situation so they are doing plenty of research on a Free IRS 1040 Printable Tax Form.  By accessing most Americans will be able to find all the forms they could ever need to file online for free in 2012.  Remember there are still opportunities to file via the mail as well.To save a little bit of extra cash on a Dell laptop just after Valentines Day some in the South may look for Miramar Florida WalMart Presidents Day Sales 2012.  There are always amazing deals available on Presidents Day and this year should be no different.  Presidents Day will fall on February 20th so the three day weekend will begin on the 18th.

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