Los Angeles Car Accidents and Traffic Information Available to the Public

Los Angeles residents have had to fight traffic for decades. According to a study completed by the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University seven of the top 10 most congested roads in the United States are in Los Angeles County. With the Harbor Fwy/CA-110 NB and San Dieho Fwy/I-405 NB roads being jam packed every single day thousands of hours are wasted by commuters. As the smartphone revolution has advanced these commuters are looking for ways to get around the traffic. Car accident lawyers from Oklahoma to Maine have seen accidents in their states because of heavy traffic.

Unfortunately, with over 10 million people in the city of Los Angeles it is extremely difficult for drivers to successfully navigate around the highly congested areas. If one person is thinking of an alternative thousands of people are thinking the same thing. If drivers get off and try to reroute themselves it may end up taking even longer because of traffic lights, stop signs and pedestrians crossing the road. Most experienced Los Angeles drivers have had to accept they are going to sit in traffic for multiple hours during rush hour and the busier times of the day.

Accidents Reported in LA

5 Freeway and 710 Freeway Shut Down After Severe Accident

Two Tesla Accidents on July 4th Weekend

September 2014 Crashes Include Big Rig Accidents


Those with a Garmin or GPS device have been somewhat successful coming up with alternative route to work. Having an overhead map of parallel roads will greatly assist those that desire a different way from point A to point B. Something that should not be considered is to text, talk or look at a smartphone while driving. Many severe car accidents occur because drivers are not paying attention to the road. Even if traffic is very slow or at a stand still drivers are still behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

Unfortunately, car and truck accidents are very common in the county of Los Angeles. At any given time, there are over fifteen accidents reported in a 30 minute time frame. During the morning and evening rush hour it is much more common for a car accident to be reported every single minute. The state of California has published an online resource to help report all the car accidents that happen in Los Angeles. This link is invaluable to those that are looking to avoid that three hour drive to work.

Police officers and law enforcement officials know there are “hot spots” in which accidents are more likely to happen. As with most major cities, there are stretches of road that are more prone to accidents simply because of the layout or the surrounding area. Car accident lawyers in Los Angeles, San Diego and Fresno are very aware of these dangerous areas as they often study the road conditions in hopes of making the driving situation better for all drivers.

With social media changing the way people communicate it is not uncommon to see several hundred Facebook and Twitter posts related to a major car accident on I-5 or I-10. Tweets will come streaming in shortly after the accident as drivers will stop their vehicle and get out to observe the accident. Most police officers would warn against this as pedestrians will be putting themselves in danger by getting out of their vehicle at the scene of an accident. If gas is leaking or there are other fumes being exposed the chance for an explosion is significantly higher. This type of explosion can cause injuries for several hundred yards around the scene of the accident.

Medical professionals that have had to deal with burn and fire victims from an explosion state that removing oneself from the situation as quickly as possible is the best possible way to reduce injuries. If victims have been burned or injured at the scene of a car accident explosion authorities and medical professionals will get to the scene as quickly as possible. Bystanders should not try to assist unless the are both CPR and First Aid certified. Even if this is the case, they should use their discretion to determine if they can ultimately help the victim. There are times in which an individual looking to help can make the situation worse.

As the state of California tries to dig out of a financial problem it is not likely that roads and highways are going to be fixed quickly. This means the traffic is here to stay; at least for a little while. The best thing drivers can do is remain patient and stay aware at all times. There are great resources available online, including Google Maps, that will clearly show the estimated time of arrival to a destination. Waze is an app for the iPhone or Android phone that is very useful as well. Note that users cannot type on the Waze app while their vehicle is in motion.

Below is the current traffic map from Google Maps of Harbor Freeway and California 110 northbound. As you can tell, traffic can get quite congested in this part of southern California.

If you would like to report a Los Angeles car accident or would like to write an article from personal experience please feel free to reach out to us. We are always interested to discuss news stories with those that have their feet on the ground.

5 Freeway and 710 Freeway Shut Down After Severe Accident

On Saturday, June 28th both the 5 and 710 freeways were shut down due to a terrible accident. At 2:02 am the driver of a Dodge Magnum crashed his car into a construction site heading northbound on the 5 freeway while approaching the 710 freeway. Unfortunately, the driver died at the scene. The driver that passed was 34 year old Jose Antonio Garcia. The 23 year old passenger was taken from the vehicle and immediately admitted to LAC USC Medical Center. His name was not released.

The driver ran into a support structure of the freeway which caused major damage to both the vehicle and the overpass. The Northbound 710 freeway was reopened by 4:00 am and the 5 freeway, which was shut down all of Saturday morning, opened in the afternoon. This type of accident is very scary as 20,000 pounds of metal collapsed. The severity of the accident was minimized by the fact that it happened at 2:00 am but a life was unfortunately taken.

When drivers are on the road late at night there is a chance that sleep deprivation could come into play. Anyone that has had to drive during an overnight shift or a late shift is full aware that the senses are not as sharp as they are during the day. There is currently an investigation going on to determine the cause of the accident.

Both the 5 and 710 freeways are very busy during the work week. This accident happened on a Saturday morning so there were not as many travels. That said, it still caused major congestion as those that were used to driving on either freeway had to be rerouted. If this accident had happened on a Monday morning around 5:00 am it would have caused congestion throughout the entire work day to start the week. That said, it is likely the case that the Dodge Magnum would not have been able to pick up the amount of speed it did in which to cause a collapse of a support structure.

During the 4th of July weekend there will be many Californians out and about on the roads in Los Angeles. Most of the traffic will be spread out as there is not a specific time in which the drivers have to be at a location like during the work week. With July 4th, 2014 coming on a Friday this year we fully expect to see traffic start to build early Thursday afternoon as people hope out of work early to head to the beach or prepare for the holiday weekend.

Two Tesla Accidents on July 4th Weekend

During the weekend of July 4th the count of Los Angeles saw two Tesla car accidents. The Palmdale Car Crash on the 14 Freeway caused three deaths, with two being children. The other accident was caused by an individual that stole a Tesla from a store and collided with several other cars. Both accidents ended with a fire.

Even though Elon Musk has taken the necessary steps to alleviate the fire problems with the Tesla it is still the case that fires seem to be happening when these cars crash. It is very important to note that fires are very common after a car crash so there is no way to say it is a direct correlation with each Tesla accident. Now that Tesla has open sourced their patents it will be interesting to see how automakers like Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge adjust their strategy. The Tesla Motor Company has grown leaps and bounds over the last few years but it is still a work in progress.

September 2014 Crashes Include Big Rig Accidents

In mid September 2015 there have already been several major accidents involving big rig trucks. It seems every few months there are a few major accidents involved with FedEx. In September the northern part of California saw a major interstate closed down due to an accident with a FedEx big rig truck. In San Diego, there was a big rig accident involving a 1999 Volvo and a 53 foot tractor trailer. Unfortunately, in the San Diego accident, the driver of the Volvo station wagon ended up losing their life. This is a situation that we never like to hear about.

Interestingly, in the next 24 hours there will be a law that is enforced in which the driver of a vehicle must remain three feet away from cyclists and bike riders. The Three Feet for Safety Act states that any driver that gets within three feet of a cyclist can be fined $35 and up to $220 if the cyclist is hurt in an accident. The law takes effect on September 15ht, 2014. For much more on this law make sure to check out our resource on the Three Feet for Safety Act.