Team Jodi Rebrands to Real Estate Experts in Chapel Hill, NC

Team Jodi Realty has been a mainstay in the real estate industry in the cities of Chapel Hill and Durham, North Carolina. Over the past several years Team Jodi has realized that potential buyers and sellers are looking for more than just a real estate agent. They are looking for tools and market statistics to help them better understand the exact time to buy or sell. This was one of the main reasons Team Jodi Realty has been rebranded to Real Estate Experts. You can read much more on this at the Real Estate Experts blog.


Unlike most real estate websites, Real Estate Experts offers free market statistics and data that can help any potential home buyer better understand the current market. There are also numerous community and neighborhood pages that will help those relocating to get a visual of the area. This can be very hard with Google Maps or other real estate websites because they do not break the area down by neighborhoods. This is extremely useful for someone that has the desire to live in a specific type of neighborhood, subdivision or community. Realtors nationwide know that buyers can be very picky. Some want to live on a golf course while others want to be within walking distance of a Starbucks. All of this information can be found on the Real Estate Experts page.

When it comes to Chapel Hill and Durham Real Estate┬áthere can be a lot of information to digest. Buyers that want to crunch the data themselves can access that “Market Statistics” page. This will provide them a clickable map which will bring up month by month market data. There are very few places on the web in which this data is provided to the buyer or seller. If this information is too much to digest, Real Estate Experts has a team that can help you buy or sell your home in North Carolina. By contacting them at 919-928-5131 you can speak to a real estate professional with years of experience in the Chapel Hill, Durham, Wake Forest or Cary area.

One of the biggest problems for home buyers looking on the Internet is to find a home in a specific neighborhood or location. They often try to zoom in on Google Maps or on Mapquest but this can be painful as there are so many homes that can be viewed. At Real Estate Experts potential home buyers can find a neighborhood and search for a house in that neighborhood. This makes the search process much easier. There is also the potential to call a local real estate agent that works for Real Estate Experts and get the information needed to start the home search.

Instead of trying to scour the Google Map above it will save a tremendous amount of time to access the Real Estate Experts neighborhoods page. Look for further updates to this pages as the spring months progress.