The Purina National Dog Show Coming Up On Thanksgiving Day

The National Dog Show, presented by Purina and hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia (KCP), was held November 15-16, 2014. Exhibitions for all categories were held Saturday, and visiting hours, agility showcases, and family-friendly activities with the competitors were held on Sunday. A nationally televised broadcast of Saturday’s competition is scheduled for noon (all time zones) on Thanksgiving day, November 27, 2014 on NBC.

Over 2,000 of the top American Kennel Club (AKC) sanctioned dogs, comprised of over 150 different breeds, competed for best of Breed, First in Group and Best in Show last weekend’s benched dog show at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Judging is based on each breed’s official standard, and how closely each dog fits this image as determined by the judge. The dog’s overall appearance is paramount, though temperament and structure are also taken into great consideration. Judges evaluate dogs based on “the characteristics that allow the dog to perform the function for which his or her breed was bred,” according to the KCP website. To earn Best in Breed, many dogs have to outcompete as many as 100 dogs of the same breed.

Because appearance is so important in determining the top dog, grooming is a very large part of the culture at shows. Many owners and trainers go through an extensive process involving bathing, blow drying, brushing and trimiming dog coats the night before and the day of showcases. Some breeds require leave-in conditioners, coat dressings, bodifiers and/or texturizers in order to ensure the coat looks and feels the way it was bred to look. It is no wonder that the pet industry is a $73 billion worldwide enterprise and growing. For this reason, many entrepreneurs are expanding their reach into pet store franchising to capitalize on the pet industry.

Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy Nonsporting, and Herding breeds were all judged for Best of Breed. There were 22 best of breed winners in the Sporting Group, 18 winners in the Hound Group, 33 winners in the Terrier Group, 30 winners in the Toy Group, 28 winners in the Nonsporting Group, and 32 winners in the Herding Group. The First in Group category awarded seven winners, and the coveted Best in Show championship was awarded to one of the seven First in Group competitors.

The 2014 KCP/Purina National Dog Show introduced two new American Kennel Club breeds at this year’s championship. The Coton de Tulear was a new addition to the Non-Sporting Group, and the Wirehaired Vizsla was a new addition to the Sporting Group. 2013 New Breeds included the Chinook (Working), Rat Terrior (Terrier Group), and Portugese Podengo Pequeno (Hound Group).

The annual broadcast of the KCP Purina National Dog Show is the most widely viewed dog show in America. The American Kennel Club and Eukanuba National Championship will be held from December 13-14, 2014 in Orlando Florida. A record breaking number of entries, coming in at just under 4,200 dogs will compete for the National Champion title at the 14th annual AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. Follow @TheNatlDogShow for more information on the upcoming KCP/Purina National Dog Show, and @akcdoglovers for live results and information about the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.