Permanent Modifications From J.P. Morgan Chase Increase–Latest Information From HAMP Shows Improvements

Permanent home loan modifications with J.P. Morgan Chase increased between August and September and, for homeowners who are currently in the process of pursuing modification assistance, this could be positive news as it does show this particular servicer, among others is still seeing improvements in the area of permanent home loan modifications that are currently active. Obviously, some homeowners may not qualify for assistance but there are those who simply aren’t a position where they may be unsure of where to start, but there are resources that homeowners are being urged to pursue when it comes to getting the aid they need even if it is simply beginning the home loan modification process.

Homeowners with J.P. Morgan Chase may be in a position where they can benefit from a modification, despite the fact that some homeowners have not been successful in this particular area with a variety of financial institutions, as all banks that have been participating in the federal Making Home Affordable Program have not seen a success rate where every homeowner is able to avoid foreclosure. Yet, in this area of permanent loan modifications, J.P. Morgan Chase saw increases from 97,354 active permanent modifications in August to 103,160 in September.

Homeowners are still being urged to contact housing counselors or representatives from the servicer to inquire what they will have to do in order to begin this process as Chase has seen increases in the number of trial modifications that have been started offered between August and September as well. Again though, homeowners do need to remember that a modification is no guaranteed solution but it does offer a chance for homeowners to get a lower payment on their mortgage and if other areas of their financial life are also facing distress, and are distressed in a similar manner, a modification or home loan could be what keeps a homeowner from losing their property.

While there are some alternatives that homeowners may be able to pursue, it does need to be kept in mind that homeowners who are delinquent on their home loan would typically benefit from taking action sooner as those who delay an attempt to stay afloat without the use of these mortgage assistance plans may do more damage to their financial life as a result. Yet, not every homeowner is going to benefit from the same route of mortgage assistance but again, there are resources that can help men and women explore these options so that the best help available for their situation can be explored and, if foreclosure prevention assistance is not available homeowners may be able to benefit from plans such as a short sale if the situation warrants this particular action.

There are servicers who are still seeing increases in the area of permanent home loan modifications, this again is one of multiple routes that some homeowners have available to them and, specifically for homeowners with J.P. Morgan Chase, it may also benefit these homeowners look at their state for certain foreclosure prevention programs, if it appears that the federal home loan modification plan from Chase will be unhelpful for their situation. Once again, these options are not always helpful but homeowners do stand to benefit more from addressing their problems early than waiting to see if they can simply stay afloat even when financial problems do become more severe.