Job Openings And Business Confidence May Be On The Rise As Need For More Progress Continues

There have been some improvements seen in job openings recently but also there are reports that indicate some businesses have seen improvements in confidence, which has been questionable in the past few months as there are some companies who feel that if things do not improve for their financial position and business operations, they may have trouble going into 2012. Yet, the reports that have been released centering around small business optimism did show improvements as of October and there are also indications that businesses offered more job opportunities in September than we have seen over the past few years, both of which could be a positive sign for the direction of the economy.

Obviously, unemployment has remained quite high as over the past months we have seen the unemployment rate stay above 9%, with only a slight decrease being seen recently from 9.1% to 9%. However, there are those who feel that with more job additions coming into play and some businesses of the mind that things may be improving in certain areas of the small business sector, there are those who hope that progress will continue in terms of economic recovery and, for businesses who are in a position to hire, further jobs will be added, hopefully lowering the unemployment rate and helping those who are suffering from problems like long-term unemployment.

Some areas of the economy have seen more progress than others but many individuals still struggle from the lack of job opportunities, or job openings that are available in areas where some who have been unemployed for quite some time and do not qualify as the industries that are hiring may not have enough people to necessarily fill these jobs, specifically when some fields may require more education than those who are out of work have. This is obviously led to more individuals pursuing an education in some of these fields, but as certain industries have seen major job loss over the past few years, this does not necessarily mean that unemployed workers will be able to fill job openings that are being seen.

However, as we enter into the holiday season there are some retailers who have begun hiring already and, there is hope that a comparable amount of jobs if not more will be added this year as there were last year, but of course some of these opportunities will not be long-term. As the confidence of some small businesses does improve and there are also employers who are adding numbers in terms of job openings, this does paint a more positive picture here at the end of 2011 that is hoped to be carried into next year with potential benefits being seen in areas such as decreased unemployment and more stability in the financial lives of these consumers who are suffering from joblessness.