Mixed Forecasts On Seasonal Job Opportunities Leave Some Workers Questioning Availability Of Openings

Many workers and consumers often rely on seasonal job opportunities as a way to earn extra income but there have been some mixed predictions on what the seasonal job forecast will be in 2011, and this has led to some questioning whether there will be an availability of job openings that may meet or even come close to meeting the employment needs of many unemployed or underemployed individuals. Overall, the forecast remained quite negative in terms of retail hiring in the coming months, but there are indications that certain companies may hire a comparable amount or more holiday workers than they had last year.

Yet, even if these specific companies do hire a larger number of workers for the holiday season this does not mean that the overall holiday hiring picture will be positive in terms of the total number of workers that will be added. It may be positive news for some to learn that there are predictions that the hiring numbers for this year could compare to last year, but this does not necessarily mean that the number of unemployed workers or workers who are simply seeking these seasonal opportunities will have a wide number of options available.

What has confused some workers is that there are predictions of increases that will be seen this year in holiday spending, which in the minds of many should equally to a higher need for workers. Yet again, there are some indications that certain retailers may be hiring fewer workers than last year, rather than seeing similar numbers from 2010. Obviously, when there are indications that some retailers may be hiring more workers this year or keeping their numbers level from last year but again workers are being urged to keep an eye out on various retail stores as some will simply be hiring more than others, which is all due to a great deal of uncertainty.

The reason that workers are seeing these mixed predictions is simply because many of these retail stores are unsure of what the holiday season may bring or what the economy may look like in a few months, so there are only predictions for the total of new holiday workers to be hired, as some retailers may simply change their hiring strategy as we get closer to the holiday season. Again, there are some reports that indicate retail spending may increase from last year, but for others it is predicted to be at a level much lower than increases we have seen in the past, and due to this unpredictability consumers may be looking at a situation where they have to put in more work when it comes to finding a seasonal job.