Comparing Small Business Loans And Costs In September–Rates And Problems Currently In The Area Of Small Business Lending

As many Americans wait to see whether new proposals in the area of jobs will make their way through Congress in a timely manner, and if so what proposals will be set in place as a result of these actions by President Obama and Congress to spur job growth, there are many small businesses that have been waiting to see what economic conditions may arise in the future, what opportunities they may have in the area of small business loans, and how they may currently be able to make their business more prosperous in the hopes of becoming more successful and offering job opportunities in the coming months.

Yet, one area of concern for quite some time has been small business loans as there are companies who are currently looking for opportunities to borrow here in September, but may be unsure of what the overall costs may be, in terms of rates, or there are companies that are facing problems when it comes to getting a small business loan. While there have been arguments that state businesses are simply unwilling to borrow, but there have been other opinions that center around the fact that some banks are simply unwilling to lend at the present time, both of which may be the reason for small business stagnation in some areas.

However, in cases where businesses are in a position where they want to borrow a loan, rates may currently be offered from anywhere around 7.5% or 8% to 12% or higher, depending on the lender and the small business. What some feel may be one of the problems with small business loans in general typically centers around the fact that some banks are simply concerned about the future of the economy while businesses have their concerns as well, and this has created situations where both businesses have been hesitant to take on debt and some banks have been unwilling to lend.

While there have been reports that small businesses have borrowing options available from a variety of sources like major banks, credit unions, small banks, or even SBA programs, this does not mean that all banks are offering credit to every small business nor is a small business always going to qualify for financing. Yet, despite problems that are currently present in the economy and uncertainty that may have both borrowers and lenders being cautious, business owners who are looking for ways to finance various endeavors have been advised to not only look at these major banks, who in most cases are some of the more popular lenders, but businesses can look to credit unions or even SBA programs as a way to potentially find the financing they need.

There are options currently available and average rates are, again, being seen at anywhere from between 7% to 12%, but businesses need to make sure that they have a well outlined strategy as to how they plan to use funds, information on their past earnings, and basically show any potential lender that they are a safe risk even in these uncertain economic times, as this may make even the most hesitant lender reconsider offering financing to a well organized company with a strong business plan.