Low-Cost Health Insurance Options For Unemployed May Offer Coverage But Are Minimal Plans Enough?

It has been recently reported that the number of uninsured adults is on the rise, which may be attributed in some instances to unemployment, as some individuals are either without a job and cannot afford benefits or someone may have a job where insurance is not provided and they are still unable to acquire comprehensive medical insurance plans at an affordable cost. However, there are still consumers who have low-cost health insurance plans, despite being unemployed as there are some high-deductible health insurance policies or short-term health insurance programs that are being implemented in the lives of these men and women as a way to help them avoid medical costs were a catastrophic emergency to arise.

Yet, some worry that even this coverage is not going to be enough due to the fact that acquiring a minimal amount of health insurance is not beneficial for all consumers as a variety of unemployed men and women may need more comprehensive care or help when it comes to paying for costs like medicine. Obviously, the debate over how the forthcoming health insurance changes will impact these men and women in 2014 has drawn different opinions as there is some hope that health insurance exchanges or even subsidies will make comprehensive health insurance plans available and affordable to those who can’t afford a personal health insurance plan, but there are also countless points at which officials dislike health insurance changes that are on the horizon.

Specifically for the unemployed though, many aren’t worried about what may be available or what changes may come in 2014, but are more concerned about what low-cost health insurance options are available here in September. While these high deductible insurance plans have been beneficial in some cases, they don’t help those who may have a preexisting condition or who may have to visit the doctor a couple of times throughout the year and have to meet these costs out-of-pocket. Obviously, if a monthly premium is affordable for a consumer this can be helpful for those on a strict budget, but if a doctor’s visit or routine checkup requires that a consumer meet these costs alone, these expenses could begin to mount throughout the year.

While there are consumers who may still be in a position to take advantage of COBRA benefits, prices continue to be a hindrance in this area as well, but more consumers are looking into personal health insurance programs from a variety of insurers in their state in the hopes of finding a low-cost but comprehensive insurance coverage plan. Some consumers may be able to counteract the ineffectiveness of a high deductible insurance plan by using a health savings account, but this also has proved difficult for some as unemployed individuals or some uninsured workers simply do not have enough to set aside in their savings account each month they could offer substantial help when paying medical visit costs out-of-pocket.

Yet, when it does come to those who are uninsured, some officials feel that some coverage is better than none, even if comprehensive plans are still beyond the means of many unemployed or uninsured workers. While it’s troubling that some men and women cannot get the coverage they need at an affordable cost, there is still worry that consumers may meet with an accident or require medical attention that will run into the thousands or tens-of-thousands of dollar range, which will be only exacerbating an individual’s difficult financial position if even minimal health insurance coverage like a high-deductible plan is not a place.

Ultimately it comes down to decision on the part of the consumer as to what route they take but consumers are being urged by health insurance officials and agents to at least begin exploring options that may be available in their area as in some insurance providers may change terms or offer multiple plans but even if it comes to getting a small health insurance plan, it could help prevent higher overall costs if an emergency does arise.