Small Business Credit Card Costs And Rates For Early September–Are Cards Affordable As A Financing Source?

There are still companies who feel that a small business loan is either inaccessible or may not be the right financing tool for their particular business, but there are some companies that are looking into resources like small business credit cards as a way to help them with their financing needs, as some indications have shown that banks are beginning to loosen lending standards in the area of credit. Obviously, a small business loan or a credit card could be helpful in a variety of ways, but there are some companies who are opting for this revolving line of credit as it can offer more benefits than a one-time loan that may take longer to repay.

Yet, when it comes to the costs that businesses are currently seeing on cards, small businesses need to look at average rates that are available here in the early parts of September. Rates at the present time on many of the top small business credit cards are averaging at anywhere between 12% to 19%, but business owners need to remember that these prime rates are not necessarily going to be available for their specific situation and since small business credit cards can offer a variety of perks and benefits it will take time to see which card would be best for their particular needs.

Small business credit cards may be able to offer perks that range from cash backs to airline rewards, but this does not necessarily help certain small businesses and may cause an increase in certain fees or other issues that are not beneficial for a small business’s needs. Some companies have used a credit card simply as a way to improve their credit standing or to make purchases that are either small throughout the year or purchases that may be relatively large, like inventory or supplies, but also may occur rarely.

It’s obvious that a small business is going to be in better financial position when they can get on a financial ground that is stable enough to allow certain financing requirements to be made from their earnings, but there are some cases where a small business credit card can be advantageous and even used to track expenses for a particular business who may have the cash set aside to pay these charges in full on a monthly basis. However, business owners need to make sure that they understand what the responsibility of a small business credit card will be and whether they are in a position to use this type of financing tool.

Simply put, some small businesses have been denied access to funding like small business loans due to the fact that they are not in the position to handle the responsibility, and even if a particular credit card for a business may potentially be available, issues such as fees, interest rates, or unnecessary perks and benefits all need to be explored more carefully and business owners must make sure they understand that carrying a balance on these cards could lead to higher overall costs down the road. While small business credit cards can be a valuable asset for some companies, they are not guaranteed for every business and, as a result of a businesses being in a position where a credit card will take a great deal of responsibility, advisers often suggest that businesses make sure they are getting one of these cards for the right reason rather than to simply stay afloat or make purchases that may be beyond their company’s financial means to repay.