Health Insurance Plans For College Students–Options For Coverage From Parents And University Health Care Programs

Many college students who have begun college or are close to entering into the fall semester may be in a position where they are unsure about the health insurance options that could potentially be available as some students will obviously be leaving home for the first time and many parents worry about what type of health care opportunities are going to be available for students who may be in a new area or living on campus for the first time. However, there are some options that are currently in place that have been beneficial for students in the past that parents may have not considered or may have overlooked when it comes to looking into the health insurance options that college students may be able to use if a medical emergency or routine treatment is necessary.

Obviously, some parents are now in a position where if their child has been covered under an employer health insurance plan, as an example, this particular coverage will continue until a child is 26 years old, and may be helpful for those who are in college and away from home. It is to be remembered though, if a student is planning to attend a college or university that could be a good distance away from their home, looking into providers that will be able to offer medical attention to a student covered under their parent’s health insurance plan will be necessary so that any medical treatment that is needed will be in the network of medical care providers within a specific health insurance plan for that student.

Yet, there are many universities that offer a health insurance plans that students may be able to use while they are attending school, and since many of these major universities will have a health care facility on campus, this can make treatment for various illnesses much more accessible to students who, once again, may be away from home. It is to be understood though, many of these college plans are not necessarily as comprehensive as a parent’s employer group health insurance plan or even an individual insurance plan, so if a major medical emergency were to arise this might be a problem for some students. There have been parents who have countered this issue by enrolling their child in a short-term health insurance plan when an employer’s health care option may not be available for a particular college student, as these are short-term plans can potentially cover excessive medical costs that may go beyond what a college health insurance savings plan has to offer.

Understandably, many parents are having to deal with moving, helping their child financially in various areas of their college life, and concentrating on paying off tuition and fees, so overlooking these health insurance plans available for college students may be more common for some, but it may warrant the attention of both students and parents since a medical emergency could arise that may lead a student in a great deal of debt if no coverage is offered. While there are some parents who can’t offer coverage for their student from their employer’s health plan and a university’s health insurance plan is not perfect, reviewing what options are available from a university and even looking at options from short-term health insurance plans have been one way that parents are able to provide health care coverage for their student while they attend school and pursue their degree.