Personal Health Insurance Plans For Workers Not Covered Through Employer Group Policy–Current Concerns Over Affordability

Recently there were some questions and concerns that arose about changes that will take effect in the health care industry when the new health insurance law begins in 2014, as there were worries that some businesses may stop offering employer group health insurance plans while counters to the statements stated that there are expectations that the same number of businesses or more will continue to offer health insurance when new laws come into effect.  Not matter that situation though, there are some workers who are considering personal health insurance plans just in case they are not covered through their employer’s group health insurance policy in the future.

As always though, many of these workers are concerned over the ability to afford a personal health insurance plan, even if a health insurance exchange in their state, which will be required by law, may make comparing health insurance plans much easier and prices more affordable. While some individuals are worried about factors like preexisting health conditions, prescriptions, or the simple monthly costs that will come in relation to the amount of coverage they may need if these individuals happen to frequent the doctor more than others. Obviously, many consumers feel safer having an employer group health insurance plan since it can be more affordable and these plans cannot deny someone coverage even if they have a preexisting health problem that will need to be covered under their employer’s policy.

However, thanks to these upcoming changes in health insurance laws there are many health insurance providers that are looking to make more opportunities available when it comes to affordable personal health insurance plans, but it will simply take research on the part of a consumer as to what plan will be right for their situation if indeed they do need a personal health insurance option. Some individuals may find that a personal health insurance plan will be better for their situation as they may be able to get more coverage for themselves and their family at an affordable cost, but others may also be able to change their health insurance coverage to a high-deductible plan, as one example, and use a health savings account along with this particular coverage option, which could help them with affordability as well.

What officials have been urging consumers to do is to make sure they carefully look at how changes in health insurance laws is going to impact their state as there are some areas who already have health insurance exchanges open and, at the present time, may allow for comparison shopping by consumers who are not covered under an employer health insurance policy. However, looking at opportunities that are currently available, keeping a check on costs on at least an annual basis, and speaking with insurance representatives are just a few of the steps that have paid off for some who must purchase individual insurance when their employer will not cover them through a group plan.