Personal Health Insurance Plans Through State Insurance Exchanges–Will New Rules Make Finding Affordable Coverage Easier?

Mixed feelings still remain about pending health insurance changes that will come from the new health care laws when state health insurance exchanges are fully implemented in 2014, but there are questions as to whether these exchanges will make personal health insurance plans more affordable or if there are benefits that may go beyond personal health insurance options that could potentially be seen from these changes. Understandably, the benefits that many feel may come from new legislation and these health insurance exchanges are simply in the form of allowing consumers to select from a variety of health insurance providers and, in the end, find an affordable health insurance plan for their needs.

Yet, there are also some aspects of new rules that may be implemented to help these exchanges get up and running more efficiently that could benefit businesses as well, as there have been options made available to small employers that have fewer than 100 workers who may be able to benefit from these health insurance exchanges as well. When it comes to employer group health insurance plans, this is where many individuals get their health care coverage, but furthermore, individuals who have a preexisting condition cannot be denied coverage under one of these employer group health insurance plans and for those who have found affordable health insurance, or even a health insurance policy at all, difficult to come by, this may be good news.

In terms of setting up these exchanges, it was recently reported that the federal government may give states more time to implement these exchanges, in the hopes that a more efficient program will be implemented, and in terms of how health insurers are regulated, there have been indications that states may have more control in this area, as there are differing opinions on a state-to-state basis as to whether strict regulation or looser requirements will be set in place for these exchanges and the insurance companies.

The problem that some consumers may face is that there are states who are unwilling to adhere to these new health care laws, as some governors have stated they will either not run a health insurance exchange while others continued to voice their opposition and have left residents in their state wondering whether there will be options to participate in these exchanges which are hoped to offer more affordable payments in terms of health insurance coverage.

However, there are still many who debate whether health care reform and these new laws are going to be helpful for consumers, as obviously their are some politicians and officials who feel that health care laws as they stand now do need to be changed so that more uninsured Americans will be given the opportunity to find affordable coverage, but they disagree with aspects of new health care laws that are to fall into place in 2014. Currently though, there are some states who are running health insurance exchanges and, for consumers and businesses looking for more affordable options, this is one route that may be taken when looking at opportunities to find coverage, but of course exploring individual insurers is also still helpful for some as there are not only individual health insurance plans that can be tailored to meet a specific individual’s needs but businesses may also find affordable employer group health insurance policies outside of these exchanges as well.