Unemployed Individual Health Insurance Plans–Reviewing Options Like Preventive Care And Deductibles For Affordability

Last week it was reported that the unemployment rate rose to 9.2% and, for men and women who may be out of work currently or have been out of work for quite some time, this is news which can be troubling, particularly for those who are without health insurance. While there are a variety of plans that consumers have used when facing unemployment which have led to assistance in the realm of health insurance coverage, there are some aspects of personal health insurance plans for individuals or families that need to be reviewed before an unemployed individual commits to one option or another.

Primarily, some consumers have simply looked at individual health insurance plans that will allow them an affordable monthly premium payment, but options like preventative care or their deductible are aspects of a policy that may not be as closely reviewed as they should. While there are men and women who are simply looking for a short-term health insurance plan, which can be used to pay off a high amount of medical debt if a catastrophic emergency work to arise, there are some men and women who may need a more comprehensive plan.

Typically though, the lower the deductible the higher the monthly payment may be, and the ability to meet this payment will vary depending on the financial situation of an unemployed individual. Some have been able to get health insurance through a spouse’s plan, but in cases where the insurance a household had came from the individual who lost their job, so there may need to be options like these individual health insurance plans explored, as COBRA health insurance benefits may have expired for some or could have been too costly.

While there are some situations where one’s spouse may have enough income to meet health insurance costs but are not able to acquire health insurance at their place of employment, there are various price structures within most health insurance plans available for individuals or families, and particularly for men and women who are unemployed, but there medical needs must be reviewed before opting for one plan or another.

Also, preventative care is one area that may go overlooked by some as these individual health insurance plans, if kept for a long period of time will need to include these provisions, as an annual checkup or even a visit to the doctor for a small ailment could be costly if these expenses must be met out of pocket. Deductibles are another area where unemployed individuals need to focus on as, in some cases, men and women are relying on money they have in their savings to meet certain costs, or there are those who are fortunate enough to be able to receive unemployment benefits while they are continuing to look for work, but this income may not meet certain deductibles that will be required if an emergency were to arise.

Simply put, looking only at the price, meaning the minimum monthly payment that a policyholder will have to pay, is not the only area where research should be conducted, as factors like a monthly premium are important but the deductible, costs for preventative care, and even copayments are all areas of an individual health insurance plan that must be looked over so that someone who is unemployed will not get a health insurance policy that will be unhelpful for their personal health care needs.