Fall 2011 Scholarships And Grants For College And Alternative Ways To Pay Tuition–Internships And Volunteer Opportunities For Students

Students are still relaxing here at the end of June as we near the July 4 holiday and, for many across the nation, their summer break from college continues, but for those who are in a position where the search for financial assistance is still ongoing, the scholarships and grants that may be available early in the year could have already been awarded and have left few options for those here at this late date.  However, there are some alternative paths that students can explore to help them meet college tuition costs in the future, so that options like student loans will not be required of them.

It is an often overlooked opportunity to either volunteer or participate in an internship during the summer, as building up connections in these areas may not only set students on a course that could be more beneficial for them after graduation but there are companies that can also offer financial assistance to student employees, particularly if a student is at a particular level in their academic career. Some students who are close to graduating college may find that a company could help them meet certain costs but also offer them a job after they have exited college, while students who are still in high school and have volunteered, participated in internships, or have been lucky enough to find a summer job with a particular organization may be able to acquire a scholarship from a business or an industry with which they happen to be associated.

Obviously, internships can do more for a student after school but volunteer activity can not only qualify certain students for scholarships that, once again, a particular industry or specific business may be offering to those associated with them, but there are also some scholarships that are made available specifically to students, like those who come from a low income background but may also participate in these community service projects. Students often will participate in some form of volunteer activity so that they can place these extracurricular activities on their college application, but particularly for students who have yet to enter college, these scholarship or grant opportunities available to them as part of these volunteer or community service activities may also help them meet college costs.

The students who are finding that it’s difficult to acquire enough financing for their college needs will have to explore these specific opportunities, as they should have already applied for options from FAFSA or other sources of aid that may be more well-known. It goes without saying there are popular forms of financial aid for teachers or those in high-need fields, but these extracurricular activities in which students may participate can also bring some funding, even if it is minimal, to pay students overall financial aid package which can be helpful when it comes to either keeping the amount they must pay out of pocket low or, in some cases, students may use these additional funds to meet extra costs like books.

There is no guarantee that a student’s internship or volunteer activity could lead to these forms of financial assistance, but rather than students only focusing their financial aid research efforts on well-known scholarships or specific financial aid available only to students in certain fields of study, it may be beneficial to look at associations or scholarship options in general that are only available to those who have served their community through volunteer efforts.