Personal Health Insurance For Consumers With Pre-Existing Conditions In June–Options That May Offer Affordable Care

Personal health insurance options are usually the first form of coverage that consumers will seek out if they do not have employer group health insurance, or in some cases, someone who may be self-employed or even unemployed, may be looking at these types of coverage for their needs as these obviously vary from one consumer to another. However, there have been issues related to pre-existing conditions which have prevented some consumers from finding the coverage they need, but there have been reports released here in June that, for pre-existing condition insurance plans, help could be available for consumers to not only get the coverage they need but rates may be reduced next month.

Obviously, those who have a pre-existing condition would rather opt for an employer group health insurance plan, in the majority of cases, since they do require that coverage be offered to men and women no matter if a pre-existing condition is in place, but there is of course a waiting period that must be adhered to before a particular employee may be insured. However, this plan that may see rate reductions next month for pre-existing condition health insurance coverage was part of legislation passed last year within the Affordable Care Act and has simply been called the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan. While these plans have only been available in certain states, there are also state-based programs that may be helpful to consumers which could help when it comes to finding coverage for their particular situation.

The good news that was recently reported is that this particular type of health insurance coverage for consumers may see some new rate reductions in July, which could either be beneficial for current individuals who are enrolled or, as has been advised by some, those who previously thought this route for health insurance was closed to them may find that thanks to new rates, they are in a position where they can afford some form of health insurance even with a pre-existing condition.

While this governmental program is not a long-term solution and will likely dissolve out as new healthcare laws begin to fall into place, it is one option for certain consumers who have had trouble entering the insurance market due to their pre-existing condition or simply because they cannot afford costs associated with certain types of health insurance. Again, pre-existing condition insurance plans are available in some areas from this federal initiative, while others are simply run directly by the state, but consumers need to understand that they are not guaranteed any type of coverage, and there are still some cases where this health insurance may be out of reach. However, resources are available from the Department of Health and Human Services and may help guide consumers to affordable coverage even if they do not qualify for one of these plans and are still having trouble getting a personal health insurance policy.