Federal FAFSA Assistance Filing In June 2011–Can Students Still File For Financial Aid For The Fall Semester?

Even here in the first part of June there are still students who are attempting to file for federal financial aid assistance through the FAFSA program and, since some are unaware of what deadlines may have to be met in order to qualify for aid that will be given in the fall semester of 2011, there have been questions which have arisen as to what deadlines must be met. Typically, students have until June 30 to file most of their FAFSA paperwork, but students must pay attention as to what school year these dates apply to and furthermore there are some schools that will require a student have their FAFSA filed or processed by a certain date before they can receive funding for the fall or spring semester.

Sadly, at this late date there may be some students who are positioned where, if they have not filed their financial aid paperwork, they may be denied funding from certain sources for the fall, but again, this is not always set in stone and students should not hesitate to complete their FAFSA paperwork online or speak with a counselor in their university’s financial aid office to see if they can still qualify for tuition assistance for the fall semester.

Since FAFSA deadlines are both general, in terms of how long they can be filed throughout the school year and specific when it comes to what a particular university will require, students must keep in close contact with their financial aid office throughout the year if financing is needed to help them pay for college costs. Meeting these deadlines is something that many students are able to accomplish, but the earlier the students file for not only financial aid from the federal government, but other sources of scholarships and grants as well, the more advantageous it will be as there are certain types of funding that may be exhausted or given to qualified students on a first-come first-served basis.

Obviously, students who are applying for general scholarships or grants will find that, when certain sources are giving out these forms of aid use all of the funding they have for a particular semester or year, alternative options may have to be sought out, and since loans have been a popular choice among students when this has occurred, loans are still one way that many men and women finance their financial needs for college. However, despite the fact that some deadlines for certain students may have already passed, students can still file their FAFSA for the spring semester and, if problems have arisen, talking to a financial aid adviser can present not only solutions to filing late but there may also be alternative sources of assistance available still.

Loans have, once again, been a popular choice for some, but even though we are nearing many deadlines that universities may require for not only FAFSA but other sources of financial assistance as well, students are often advised to not resign themselves to borrowing to meet their tuition needs, but should continue exploring these free sources of financial aid to help them pay for college.