Health Insurance Costs For Self-Employed And Unemployed Consumers–Plans That Offer Lower Premiums Than Individual Policies

Currently there are numerous consumers who are still in need of health insurance as the self-employed and unemployed are two of the main groups in our economy who have seen little opportunities for affordable health insurance over the past months, despite the fact that there are changes on the horizon that will hopefully bring affordability for those who are without health care coverage. Yet, there are continued issues facing consumers when it comes to preexisting health care or even options that are affordable for someone who may be depending on unemployment benefits as their only source of income, as COBRA health care benefits are currently unavailable or too expensive for some consumers in need.

Concerning unemployed health insurance seekers, as we enter into June of 2011, many may have already exhausted their unemployment benefits, let alone still qualify for a COBRA health insurance plan, and despite the fact that there are reports small businesses are adding more jobs and more men and women may be focusing on self-employment opportunities during these tough times for the job market, the price of health insurance through an individual plan may be too costly for some, if proper research is not conducted. Ideally, consumers will look in their state for health insurance coverage, as there are private and even some governmental health insurance assistance opportunities available depending on where a consumer lives. One benefit of the current problem that many consumers face is that health insurance companies may also understand that consumers simply are having trouble in terms of affordability and are working to offer plans that can help a broader range of people.

In certain cases, individual health insurance policies are being offered in a wide spectrum of packages that could be as affordable as $70 or $80 a month, and they may be more comprehensive than high deductible health insurance plans that many unemployed and self-employed consumers have often turned to. Consumers shouldn’t necessarily turn their nose up at a high deductible health insurance plan, though, as consumers who are relatively healthy and do not visit the doctor that often have been able to benefit from these plans throughout 2011, and last year as well.

Essentially, consumers must look at their condition, there needs from a healthcare policy, and what they can afford in terms of insurance coverage when they start the selection process. Once these basics have been established, consumers are in a better position to find options that may help them, but again, certain conditions may not be covered under an individual plan and high deductible policies can bring low monthly premiums, but may not offer as much coverage as some consumers need. Comparing rates with major health insurance agencies and looking at a state’s options, in areas where a health insurance exchange may already be available, could result in the coverage that a consumer needs, but again, consumers are also being prompted to consider catastrophic health insurance coverage at the present time if they are still looking for more comprehensive care but wish to avoid any costs related to a sudden illness or injury.