Filing A FAFSA In May 2011 For Federal Pell Grant Assistance–Deadlines Students Must Meet And Help For Finding Aid

Students who may be filing a FAFSA in May need to understand that Federal Pell Grant assistance applications typically vary in deadlines that students must meet, and as a result, students could be in a position where they need to talk with their college’s financial assistance office as some states will differ on when financial aid applications must be submitted. Typically, students can submit a FAFSA form early in the year, and for many educational institutions, the date for the fall semester of 2011 may have already passed. This is something that students must take note of as even those who may be looking for financial assistance from FAFSA have filing deadlines that may be specific to their college or university and may differ from one state or college to another.

As an example, the online FAFSA deadline is said, for the 2011–2012 school year, to be June 30, 2012, but some students have often been confused as to why this date which is supposed to cover financial aid costs in 2011 may be so far removed from when they need their funds.  Many colleges require that a FAFSA be submitted by May or earlier during 2011 but there are some colleges that do have deadlines that may be in June 2011, for example, which can help students who are in need of financial aid.  Yet, making sure that students have properly consulted their university is vital, particularly for those who may be entering into school in the fall of 2011.

Essentially, students are now in a position as we continue on into May where financing from various scholarship or grant sources may be limited, but this should not stop students from looking for financial assistance. Students are still being prompted to avoid borrowing loans if they can help as there are a great number of Americans facing student loan debt burdens that simply are causing a great amount of strain in their personal lives, particularly when other debts like mortgages or credit cards are factored into the equation.

Students can submit a FAFSA form online, but looking for scholarships or talking with a university about alternative options that may be available will be helpful particularly for those who may have failed to meet certain deadlines for financial aid applications or are still in need of funds to meet college costs without the need to borrow loans. Again, funding from various sources of financial assistance may have already been committed to students who have either applied or filed early, but students do still have alternative forms of financial assistance that may come from scholarships aimed at more specific individuals in certain majors or degree programs, but financing plans may also be available to help students if they cannot meet all of their college tuition costs upfront but could perhaps pay throughout the semester so that they could avoid borrowing.

Understandably, Pell Grants and other programs that are commonly known among students are not the only resources that they have when it comes to paying for their college costs, but they can be greatly helpful if students are proactive. While, again, funds that are available in the 2011–2012 school year may be limited here in May or committed to other students, those still in need may contact their financial aid office if there are still problems related to meeting college costs at this late date.