Small Business Loan Borrowing Opportunities–Are There More Financing Options Available From Major Lenders?

Small business loan borrowing opportunities are one area of financing, outside of private investments, that many business owners seek when it comes to growing their company, expanding their operations, and hopefully becoming more profitable as a result. However, many businesses have questioned the availability of small business loans over the past months as reports have indicated that many banks have simply not been offering the capital that these companies need to become more prosperous and, eventually, hire more workers so that unemployment which has remained quite stubborn will begin to subside.

Yet, research has recently shown that there are more businesses applying for loans and, as a result, these companies are also said to be finding approval from financial institutions for these small business ventures in the hopes of setting up a more stable financial ground at the present time, with again, the hopes for growth. Understandably, business owners have not always been able to benefit from a small business loan, and even in some cases where a small business may qualify for financing, it might not be in their best financial interest as some are simply not in the position to handle the debts.

However, there are companies that have been crying out for small business loans and, according to an article on, small businesses were surveyed in relation to the demand for and success of acquiring a small business loan, and it was reported that, “Among small businesses that did apply for a loan, 57 percent reported winning approval from the bank.” However, there were other findings that also stated that many of the major financial institutions that many businesses often turn to are those that were denying loans and, as a result, “about half of small and midsized businesses found credit from lenders outside the top 20 institutions in the United States.”

Understandably, businesses do have options from various resources when it comes to acquiring a small business loan, as initiatives from the SBA have recently begun and are hoped to help more small businesses find one of these guaranteed loans that would be beneficial for their company, but there are also microloans, financing from small business credit cards, angel investors, and even loans for small businesses available from credit unions that may be useful for companies in need of financing.

However, companies that may be smaller in size and operation have, again, been meeting resistance when it comes to traditional loans from major financial institutions despite the fact that small companies are responsible for employing a vast number of individuals across the nation and, as a result, officials want these companies to have options like small business loans that may help them find more prosperity in the future and, again, hire more workers. Yet, businesses who are having trouble finding a small business loan may want to look at outside sources, like credit unions as an example, for their borrowing needs as even those with potential for growth may have a difficult road when it comes to acquiring funds from a large bank, particularly if they are not well established or are able to show they may be a safe risk for this particular type of financing.