Health Insurance Options For Unemployed And Recent College Graduates–How Can Short-Term Health Insurance Help?

The health insurance options for unemployed individuals or college students who have recently graduated are available through options like individual health insurance plans or short-term health insurance opportunities, which was some advisers feel may be more beneficial for individuals who are in a position where high health insurance costs may not be affordable but some form of coverage is necessary. Understandably, there are a variety of aspects that will influence whether this is a good route for a particular individual to take, but when it comes to guarding against high medical costs, options like short-term health insurance may be able to help.

In a recent article by a point about this subject was made stating,“Since we can’t predict when accidents or emergencies will happen, it is important to have some kind of health coverage to protect you in case an issue arises. Purchasing short-term health insurance is one way to guarantee you are covered while looking for a job.” Obviously, consumers who may be recently out of college or have lost their job are in a position where there may be some opportunities available for health insurance coverage, and new health care legislation has allowed for young men and women to remain on a parent’s health insurance policy for a longer period of time, while options like COBRA extensions may be available to men and women who are unemployed and seeking a job.

However, in cases where these individuals may be uninsured for a period of time, the short-term health insurance plan is essentially a guard against detrimental costs that could come from a catastrophic emergency where an extended hospital stay, medical treatment or surgery, or general high medical costs may be met. Understandably, many men and women have decided that paying for health insurance while they are unemployed or right out of college is simply a cost they cannot afford, but when it comes to meeting excessive medical costs uninsured, this can be much more costly for a longer period of time.

Essentially, the health insurance plans like short-term insurance options usually offer affordable rates for consumers, but may not be very comprehensive. Since they are only meant to guard an individual against high medical costs, they may come with a higher deductible, which means that monthly payments will be more affordable, but if an individual knows they will have to meet a set cost if expensive medical treatment is needed, they could be more prepared when it comes to paying for medical care.

While, again, some individuals who may be unemployed, as example, could have health insurance options like those from a spouse or COBRA health insurance benefits and some recent graduates could, again, have options from their parents, if an individual is uninsured for an extended period of time, there are some who feel that exploring these short-term health insurance options can be beneficial due to the fact that they can, once again, help keep overall medical costs low if an emergency were to suddenly arise and costly medical treatment became necessary.