Individual Health Insurance And Obstacles For Consumers Buying Their Own Heath Care Coverage–Are Affordable Plans Available?

When it comes to individual health insurance policies consumers are able to choose from a wide range of options that may cover an extensive amount of medical treatment and costs, or in some cases, these policies may only guard against excessive medical treatment and come with a high deductible but a low, affordable monthly payment. However, many consumers are now faced with the problem of having to buy their own health insurance due to the fact that they are either unemployed, self-employed, or their employer has cut their health insurance plan due to costs. Many consumers often worry that when an individual health insurance plan is necessary, there are obstacles which may be insurmountable for some consumers who are attempting to buy their own health care coverage, but there may be options for affordable plans even in these situations.

Understandably, consumers may be in a difficult position when they are looking for an individual policy as many men and women get their health insurance coverage from their employer group health care plan. An article on states, “One of the biggest hurdles for consumers who are used to having group coverage at work is starting the search.  If you’re buying, you need to know who’s selling. Go to your state insurance department Web site for a list of licensed companies and brokers who sell health insurance in your area.” Obviously, sorting through various offers and health insurance options, as well as, meeting certain qualifications can be a little scary for consumers who are entering into the health insurance market for the first time, as many worry that they will get a plan that is basically unhelpful for their situation and more expensive than may be within their budget to comfortably pay.

There are also concerns about preexisting conditions which may disqualify some consumers from getting health insurance in certain cases. While new healthcare laws that will come into effect in 2014 will hopefully help more people who are finding it difficult to acquire health insurance due to their preexisting conditions, some consumers may have to look at state high-risk health insurance pools if certain medical conditions are keeping them from acquiring health insurance outside of an employer’s plan.

Yet, individuals who may only be in need of short-term health insurance have been looking at plans like high deductible insurance options, which are sometimes paired with a health savings account, as a way to avoid high monthly premiums for those who may not need to visit the doctor very often throughout the year. Short-term health insurance is a way to guard against excessive medical costs as consumers will have to meet a certain deductible, which they can save for in case of emergency, and once the deductible has been met, they will ideally be covered for any expensive medical treatments or procedures.

However, consumers must look at their medical history, the frequency they may visit the doctor, their personal financial situation and what price range they may be able to meet for an insurance policy, and looking at options like a state health insurance agency can also be helpful when consumers are attempting to narrow their search for a health insurance plan. Obviously, some consumers may be in a position where affordable health insurance, in relation to their medical needs and the type of coverage they seek may be more costly, but for men and women who may be unemployed, starting their own business, or simply have seen their health care cut by their employer may be able to benefit from these higher deductible plans, if again, an insurance seeker is only in need of guarding against excessive medical costs in case of an emergency.