Health Insurance Plans For The Unemployed–Policies They May Guard Jobseekers Against High Medical Costs

Health insurance plans for unemployed individuals can be difficult to acquire for a variety of reasons, but there are still policies that may help guard these job seekers against high medical costs were an emergency to arise. Men and women who have either been looking for work or who are in an employment position where their employer simply does not offer a health care plan are, obviously, in a difficult situation due to the fact that meeting health insurance costs on a monthly basis can be costly, but incurring these costs without insurance will be incredibly expensive as well.

According to an article on, “About 52 million people living in the United States went without medical coverage for a period of time in 2010.” Again, this may be related to the fact that some consumers had lost their job and simply went without medical coverage while they were looking, but again, there are individuals like those who are without employer group health insurance coverage or who may be self-employed that are still looking for a health insurance policy that will offer them comprehensive coverage but at an affordable cost.

However, when it comes to unemployed individuals, many men and women have been able to take advantage of extensions offered through COBRA health insurance benefits, which have allowed them to have at least some form of coverage were medical needs to arise or an emergency cause excessive costs to come about due to either an accident, a stay in the hospital, or the need for surgery.  There have been some people who are unable to either afford the costs of these COBRA health insurance benefits or have exhausted this option due to long-term unemployment.

There are also issues like preexisting conditions that many consumers worry about when looking for some form of health insurance plan, as this could either deny a particular insurance seeker the health care coverage they need or it could cause their premiums and deductibles to increase. Yet, for unemployed men and women, short-term health insurance plans or high deductible insurance has been one option that has helped these unemployed individuals to not only find some form of coverage that will help them avoid excessive medical costs, but they have been able to do so with a lower premium payment.

Usually, certain short-term health insurance plans are not helpful in the long run, but workers who may be out of job and uninsured may be able to access one of these plans that will require a higher deductible be met, but, with a lower monthly premium payment. Typically, consumers who have used these plans will, obviously, know that if a major medical emergency arises they will have to meet a certain amount towards their deductible, but any costs afterwards will be covered under their policy.

While, again, these plans can offer lower premium payments each month, they are not incredibly helpful for individuals who may frequent the doctor often, as this could require that an individual meet a high amount of costs out of pocket, but for unemployed men and women who are uninsured, even one of these short-term health insurance plans or high deductible options can cause the overall costs that may be met were an emergency to arise to be more affordable and create less havoc in their financial.