Affordable Individual Health Insurance Plans–Problems Faced By Unemployed Seeking Health Care Assistance

Finding affordable individual health insurance coverage has been one of the main issues that numerous men and women have faced when it comes to getting a plan that will offer them the health care coverage they need for their particular situation. These problems faced by unemployed men and women or self-employed individuals, as well as, current workers who simply may not have a health insurance option from their employer are often simply too expensive and, as a result, this is seen to be the main reason behind the fact that numerous individuals are still without health care coverage.

Obviously, affording an individual health insurance plan, particularly for those who are unemployed, is something that is quite difficult and it’s understandable when cost is one of the main factors surrounding the hunt for an affordable health insurance option. A recent report on is stated that, “71% of an estimated 26 million people who tried to buy individual health insurance over the past three years had complications of some kind.” It goes without saying, there have been some consumers who are denied health insurance coverage due to the fact that they may have a pre-existing condition, but others are finding that the simple ability to afford a personal health insurance plan is beyond their financial means.

Understandably, unemployed individuals are in a difficult position when it comes to afford an individual health insurance plan, but the issue of affordability is not only constraints to this particular group, but there are many men and women who may have a job who also find that, when seeking individual coverage, there are roadblocks that can be troubling. There are, however, some alternatives to traditional individual health insurance coverage that can be helpful in the short term for some or, for those who may be employed and not have the means to find a comprehensive health insurance plan, there are ways to guard against excessive medical costs.

High deductible health insurance plans, through either a short-term health insurance option or through a long-term plan, can be beneficial to both unemployed individuals and those who are uninsured at their place of employment. Essentially, workers who are currently looking for a health insurance plan may be able to find an affordable high deductible health insurance option that will allow them to meet low monthly premium payments and when used with a health savings account, these men and women who may not frequent the doctor often can greatly benefit if a medical emergency arises and can be paid for out of health insurance savings account.  Also, were a catastrophic emergency to come about, they will have insurance to cover their medical costs once the deductible has been met.

This, again, can be a similar option for unemployed individuals as a short-term health insurance plan can offer low monthly premiums, but also, they may be able to cover policyholders were a high amount of medical treatment needed, a hospital stay required, or surgery necessary in the life of an unemployed individual. Obviously, someone who is out of work and incurs these medical costs could risk a serious financial setback in their life, but short-term plans may offer a solution for a temporary time period while they are continuing to look for a job. However, there are still difficulties related to affordability even in these plans, but consumers who wade through the difficult process of finding a health-insurance option that may offer them a low monthly cost and decent coverage might find an option to help them guard against the worst-case scenarios, even if these plans may not be as comprehensive as others.