Health Insurance Plans For Self-Employed Workers Through Short-Term Plans–Benefits Of High Deductible Insurance

The health insurance plans for self-employed workers may be offered through a variety of opportunities from various health insurance providers, but one form of health insurance that both self-employed and even unemployed individuals have attempted to acquire is a short-term plan that may offer a high deductible insurance policy, which can bring lower monthly premium costs. While short-term health insurance plans or even long term health insurance plans can offer a high deductible option, self-employed men and women who are attempting to start a business or even those without a job who happen to be looking for work have reportedly benefitted from this form of health care coverage.

One of the main draws to a high deductible health insurance is the fact that low monthly premiums can be offered and, essentially, a policyholder will know what the maximum amount they must pay for medical treatment will be. As an example, if a sudden emergency arises where medical treatment or surgery may be needed, the policyholder  will know that their deductible will be set at a certain amount, and in these cases a policy holder may be able to prepare for these unexpected costs.

Many advisers have often suggested that consumers who have a high deductible health insurance plan, no matter if they are self employed or unemployed, may want to pair these health insurance plans with a health savings account. Obviously, a consumer who has saved money in one of these savings accounts and, again, may need a high amount of medical treatment can use these funds, in most cases, to pay their deductible.

However, there are some concerns that individuals who choose these high deductible health insurance accounts may avoid medical treatment, as again, these high deductible short-term health insurance accounts are only going to be beneficial if excessive medical costs may be needed, and may be unhelpful for routine treatment or small procedures. For this reason, someone who is self employed, unemployed, or simply looking for an individual health insurance plan may not benefit from these high deductible insurance policies if they frequent the doctor due to the fact they may be prone to illness.

Yet, these high deductible health insurance plans aren’t for everyone, as many advisers warn against certain policies that may come with excessive fees or may have caps on the amount that the policy will cover in certain conditions. While, again, some individuals have benefited from combining these health-insurance policies with a health savings account, as low-cost routine medical visits that may have to be met out of pocket can be paid for from this account, consumers who are considering these types of health insurance plans as a way to find affordability in the monthly premiums they must pay should research their options, look at their medical history to determine whether this plan will be in their best financial interests, and many counselors have even suggested that, when it is affordable, policyholders start looking for an individual health insurance plan that may offer more comprehensive care.