Personal Health Insurance Options For Workers And Unemployed–Benefits Of Long-Term And Short-Term Plans

Personal health insurance options are being sought out by numerous individuals who may be employed but are working for an employer who does not offer health insurance or, in many cases, unemployed men and women are looking for a way to cover themselves against excessive medical costs if a catastrophic emergency were to arise and a high amount of medical treatment were needed. Typically, consumers can either choose from a long-term health insurance plan or a short-term health insurance plan which may be helpful for their particular needs.

Individuals who have chosen a long-term health insurance plan are usually those who are in need of more comprehensive coverage and are in a position where they can afford the monthly premiums and deductibles associated with these various options. Some consumers may have chosen these personal health insurance plans as a way to not only offer care and coverage for themselves but their families as well, as these types of personal health insurance options can offer a variety of benefits, coverage for conditions, and help meet costs associated with expenses like medicine.

However, for unemployed men and women or individuals who simply may be unable to afford these plans, there are options from short-term health insurance plans that have also given some security to individuals who may be out of work or simply looking for an affordable health insurance option at the present time.  These short-term health insurance plans can be high-deductible insurance options which may offer more affordable monthly payments, but will require that a higher amount be paid in terms of their deductible.

An article on stated, “There’s no doubt that high-deductible insurance plans are on the rise, though. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, they’ve tripled in number within four years.” Again, consumers have chosen these high-deductible health insurance plans essentially because they can get a more affordable monthly payment for this plan and they will know that a set amount of money will have to be paid no matter what emergency may arise. While there are different ranges of deductibles that these plans may set, some consumers have chosen either short-term or long-term high-deductible plans as a way to cover themselves against excessive medical costs due to the fact that they may not frequent the doctor very often, but also, they are in a position to save money that will allow them to meet the deductible were a medical emergency to arise.

Changes and recent health insurance legislation has many business owners questioning whether they can continue to afford employee health insurance plans, while others have been able to take advantage of a small business health insurance tax credit to provide their workers with medical coverage. Yet, for individuals who have either seen their health insurance cut or who are still in a position where they have no coverage due to either an employer not offering health insurance or their being unemployed, these individual health insurance plans have been helpful for some over the past months, but obviously require a great deal of research. Consumers who are considering either a short-term health insurance plan, like a high-deductible plan or those who may be looking for more long-term health insurance opportunities must simply compare offers in their area and for their particular situation, to make sure that they are only getting the proper coverage for their healthcare wants and needs so that excessive costs can be avoided but beneficial health insurance will also be available.