Health Insurance Incentives For Employees To Lower Employer Group Health Insurance Costs

Employers are beginning to use health insurance incentives as a way to prompt employees to lead a healthier lifestyle as it goes without saying that healthier workers can lead to lower health insurance costs through employer group health insurance plans. Reports have indicated that many businesses have seen the cost of health insurance increase and become less comprehensive over the past years due to the fact that employees may be suffering from various ailments which have made them a high risk for any insurer.

Yet, aside from choosing more affordable plans, having employees meet higher costs related to their premiums, or simply offering less coverage, there are employers who hope to lower their health insurance costs by creating an environment where employees are not only being given the chance to lead a healthier lifestyle, but they are also given rewards in some cases. A recent article on this topic from stated that some of the incentives employers are using to promote a healthier lifestyle among the workers include, “additional time off, prize drawings, workplace competitions, discounts on health-plan premiums or gym memberships, and even cash.”

Obviously, promoting workers to get healthier through a more physically fit lifestyle isn’t simply about lowering health insurance costs, but rather, many businesses can find a great deal of benefits by simply having healthier workers on hand. Those who are physically fit and lead a healthy lifestyle typically miss less work, have more energy, and are simply able to perform their tasks better in certain occupations, which can not only be beneficial for workers but the business overall.

For small businesses, providing health incentives to employees may be even more lucrative due to the fact that companies that meet a high amount of premiums related to their workforce within their health insurance policy may see more significant affordability when employees are able to get themselves in a healthier position and, hopefully, no longer need coverage for certain conditions. Getting healthier by exercising, eating properly, and simply losing weight can help some men and women to rid themselves of conditions that may require medication and could be a hindrance to their overall job performance.

While employers can not only offer help employees who want to lead a more physically fit lifestyle, there are also some businesses who are helping their workers deal with health issues like stress and smoking, as these can contribute to health conditions that may cause their coverage to suffer or may, again, hinder an employee’s job performance. Understandably, employers do not automatically see a reduction in their health insurance costs after implementing these health incentives, but overtime workers who are able to put themselves in a healthier position can not only save money on employer group health insurance premiums but also set themselves on a path that will allow them to simply reap benefits in their personal life from leading a healthier lifestyle.