Federal Grants To Pay College Tuition Through FAFSA–Financial Aid For High Need Career Fields

Federal grants to assist students in paying college tuition may be available for specific individuals who are planning an educational career in a high need field and by simply filling out a FAFSA form students may qualify for these grants which can help those who plan to serve as a teacher in a private or public elementary or secondary school as a career. Obviously, teachers are needed in a variety of fields once they graduate and in various areas, but there are some specifics to federal grants which students must meet in order to qualify for these financial aid opportunities, however, for those who are planning on pursuing a degree in education, these federal assistance opportunities have cut down on the need for students to borrow college loans.

One of the more popular grants that students often seek is the Pell Grant but there are also other forms of federal assistance through grant programs that can offer individuals who are pursuing specific careers the chance to have their college tuition needs met. One such grant is the TEACH Grant, which provides funding to students who complete a FAFSA form, are enrolled in either an undergraduate or graduate program that participates in this specific grant initiative, and students who are enrolled in coursework that will allow them to serve in high need field may be able to benefit from this type of financial aid grant.

According to the TEACH Grant criteria, high need fields in areas of education include bilingual education, foreign languages, mathematics, reading, science and other areas of special education where shortages in teachers may be present. Obviously, students must also agree to teach at a particular institution which may be underserviced or in areas where low-income students are served as these children in certain areas may be unable to acquire a quality education due to the inability to attract educators.

One of the reasons that the TEACH Grant is offered for this specific area of education is so that future educators can earn a quality education which can then be carried over into these low income communities and underserviced fields so that more students can gain an educational experience that will not suffer due to the area where they live. Yet, students must realize that opportunities from this particular grant do require an agreement to serve in one of these educational fields and in a high need area before a student may qualify. If this agreement is failed to be acted upon by the student, meaning that the requirements are not met, the grant then becomes an unsubsidized Stafford loan which must be repaid by the graduate. However, the TEACH Grant is just one of many options which can be explored by future educators as there are specific scholarships and grants for those planning on entering the teaching field after college.