High Deductible Health Insurance Plans For Unemployed–Can Jobseekers Find Affordable Plans From Catastrophic Coverage?

Many unemployed individuals are seeking health insurance which will help them avoid high costs related to some form of catastrophic medical emergency which may necessitate medical treatment that is simply beyond their means to repay without some form of health insurance coverage. One option which many have suggested comes in the form of high deductible health insurance plans as these opportunities for health insurance coverage usually come with a low monthly payment but, obviously, they require that a policyholder meet a higher deductible.

While there are both pros and cons of this type of insurance, unemployed individuals may gain the affordability they need in a health insurance plan while they are seeking a job, but will only have to meet a set amount if major medical surgery, treatment, or a hospital stay is required due to an unforeseen illness or injury. Essentially, unemployed individuals have sought out similar types of health insurance plans, like short-term health insurance opportunities, as a way to put a cap on the amount they must pay for medical care in the event of a catastrophic medical emergency.

Again, illness or injury can arise suddenly in the lives of unemployed men and women that could leave them in a position where they owe a sizable amount in medical debt, that simply is unaffordable. In extreme cases, there have been some who have had to turn to bankruptcy due to medical bills and for individuals who may be nearer to retirement than others have seen unemployment come into their lives, medical bills can be almost insurmountable.

Yet, many argue that high deductible health insurance plans are simply not beneficial because they do not cover smaller costs, in some cases, like preventative health care or medication costs. While there are some opportunities for unemployed individuals to find health insurance that can offer a more inclusive coverage opportunity, many are concerned over the price of these types of insurance plans and the fear that costs may simply be beyond their means while they are looking for an employment opportunity.

Unemployed individuals are prompted by advisers in many states to look at options in their area or from that particular state which may be available for short term health insurance or a simple group health insurance plan through various groups and organizations which can help ease the burden of medical expenses that may arise while an individual is looking for employment. Obviously, there are those who are out of work that feel the costs of acquiring a health insurance plan are simply too expensive and would rather chance being uninsured for a set period of time, but advisers do want unemployed individuals to know that there are options available which can provide affordable monthly payments and can cover high medical expenses were they to suddenly arise.

However, high deductible insurance plans and other unemployment health insurance options may not always be available in an unemployed individual’s specific area but there are programs available which can provide coverage against high medical costs while a man or woman happens to be looking for a job.