Health Insurance Plans For Unemployed–Are More Options Needed After COBRA Expires?

Health insurance plans for unemployed individuals do offer a options when it comes to coverage after one has lost their job, as opportunities for COBRA health insurance coverage, short-term health insurance coverage, or individual insurance plans all may provide a safety net for men and women who are looking for a job. However, long-term unemployment is becoming more common among many and, even for those who may not have seen their COBRA benefits expire, certain expenses related to health insurance coverage may simply too costly.

This has begged the question of whether more opportunities should be offered to jobless men and women in the form of health insurance coverage while they are seeking assistance. Obviously, there are state health insurance plans, options for unemployed men and women to get on their spouse’s health care plan, and again, affordable short-term health insurance opportunities may offer coverage in a case where a high amount of medical debts would have been incurred due to a major medical emergency, but some unemployed individuals still argue that the affordability of health insurance for someone out of work simply does not leave a lot of options on the table.

While there are individuals who feel that paying money for a health insurance plan while they are unemployed is simply an expense that is not practical, but concerns over cost that may be met if a jobless individual needs high amounts of medical treatment often worry men and women who are without a coverage plan. It goes without saying that if an individual faces a sudden illness or emergency that necessitates a high amount of medical treatment, an extended hospital stay, or surgery, they may be in a situation where this debt could cause a great deal of financial strain in their life or, in some cases, this has led to extreme situations where bankruptcy had to be filed.

There are preventative measures that some workers may take if unemployment and health insurance affordability may be a concern as funds from a health savings account, for example, may be used in some unemployment situations, but advisers have suggested that unemployed men and women look into multiple options in their area and price range when it comes to health insurance coverage as facing medical costs without coverage can be more problematic for one’s financial life than meeting a month to month insurance fee.