Employer Health Insurance Plans For Businesses–Affordable Health Care For Small Company Employees

Employer health insurance plans for businesses has been a major issue over the past months as there are companies who are looking for affordable health care for their employees, but may not offer an employer group health insurance option due to the factors like the cost of providing this form of insurance to their workers. As talks of repealing the Obama health care law have already begun, there are those who feel that companies which are small, may pay their employers lower wages, and simply cannot afford to offer health insurance may still not offer insurance to workers despite changes in legislation.

While there have been opportunities for small businesses to take advantage of the health insurance tax credit which was made available in 2010, there are still questions as to whether businesses we will be able to afford health insurance options for their employees in 2014 when new health care changes come into effect. Understandably, there are businesses who have benefited from the tax credit which has helped them either acquire health insurance for their workers or at least keep current plans in place, but again, not all small businesses may qualify for this opportunity.

There have been arguments that small businesses who do offer health insurance for their workers stand to benefit because they not only provide a safety net for employees in the case of an emergency or the need of medical treatment, but health insurance can also make current employees more productive and promote business growth.

However, there are arguments against these claims as some research has concluded that providing health insurance for employees does little to help a business in general. In a report from 2010 on BusinessWeek.com, Scott Shane stated that, “…offering employee health insurance doesn’t appear to do anything to improve the performances of young companies, despite what some observers argue.”

Obviously, there are numerous businesses that do not offer health insurance for their workers but may consider this option if health insurance plans were more affordable. It goes without saying that the cost of health insurance for employees is what hinders many companies from providing this type of coverage for their workers, but again, there are arguments that affordable employer group health insurance plans and opportunities to take advantage of the small business health care tax credit are still in place and it could help businesses when it comes to affording the costs of premiums on health insurance.

While it is uncertain whether changes in new health care laws, which have yet to be fully implemented, will be repealed, there are those who are still stressing small companies to continue exploring options for providing health insurance to their workers, as meeting costs out-of-pocket or through personal health insurance plans can be quite costly for individual employees and, for those without insurance, it can create great financial problems if high medical costs are incurred.