Unemployment Health Insurance Plans From COBRA And Alternative Health Care Plans–Is Affordability A Problem?

Unemployment health insurance plans are available through COBRA health insurance or alternative health care plans which can be acquired by individuals after they have lost a job or through a spouse’s health insurance plan. Understandably, unemployed individuals who are seeking a job at the present time or who have been unemployed for the long term are often concerned over health insurance as a sudden medical emergency could create a great deal of medical debt in their life which could, obviously, be incredibly problematic down the road.

However, there is concern over the affordability of unemployment health insurance plans as some individuals who are jobless are unable to afford even COBRA health insurance benefit payments and are concerned that they cannot “waste” money on health insurance when they are on such a tight budget. There have been many unemployed individuals who are more concerned with issues like their home loan than health insurance, but for those who are uninsured, a sudden medical emergency or catastrophic event could cause their financial problems to become exacerbated.

While COBRA health insurance have been one safety net for unemployed individuals, and extensions which have allowed many men and women to file for this health insurance option have been passed throughout the previous months, there are still those who cannot meet the costs which are required each month for this type of health care coverage.

As a result, some individuals have turned to alternative health insurance options like short-term health insurance plans. While a short-term health insurance opportunity is not the only option an unemployed individual may have, these have been popular because they are relatively low in cost and can simply be a preventative measure against high medical costs. While there are a wide range of short-term health insurance policies, these types of plans are usually only acquired by individuals, like those who are unemployed, as a way to set a cap on the amount that one must pay if high medical costs were to suddenly arise.

Short-term health insurance options do have various deductibles which consumers may choose to meet in case an emergency were to arise, but the coverage beyond this to deductible can be quite helpful if, again, medical treatment or surgery are needed for one reason or another.

While there may be options from specific state-run health insurance plans or for individuals who may be part of a union, there are also unemployed men and women who have been able to find health insurance coverage from a spouse’s health care plan, but obviously this is not always an option. However, when it comes to finding health insurance coverage, it’s understandable that many men and women are concerned about the affordability. Even low cost health insurance coverage, like short-term health insurance plans, may still be seen as too expensive for those who are in a particular unemployed situation where they may have exhausted their benefits or are living on a very fixed income. Yet, advisers have often counseled consumers to explore options in their state, local area, through various unions and organizations with which they may be affiliated, or even from sources like short-term health care plans tailored specifically to those who may be on a fixed budget. While not all unemployed individuals can find the affordability they need in a health insurance plan, research has been suggested over the past months so that those who may be uninsured at the present time can potentially avoid insurmountable medical costs were an emergency situation to arise.