Small Business Health Insurance Plans May Benefit From Employer Health-Incentive Programs

Issues concerning health insurance for small businesses often center around affordability as there are companies who have been suffering financially and were unable to provide affordable health insurance plans to their workers, while other businesses simply do not offer health insurance plans to their workers, which can be problematic as well. While there was a tax credit which was set in place in 2010 which allows small businesses to write off a percentage of premiums they pay to provide health insurance to workers, there also have been reports which state businesses are finding more affordability through health incentive programs.

When it comes to making small business health insurance plans more affordable, companies who provide employer group health insurance policies to their workers often will look at ways to cut costs by either eliminating coverage for certain conditions, which their employees may not need met, or by having workers contribute more to their plans. Obviously, financial constraints for many companies have led to complete elimination of health insurance plans, but there are those who have argued that these health incentive plans may be able to create a healthier workforce and can lower costs associated with health insurance.

Ideally, small businesses who can implement these employer health programs as part of their small business health insurance plan can give employees incentives for becoming healthier or offer opportunities, like gym memberships, for employees to begin living a healthier lifestyle. However, there are those who feel that the health incentive programs are not either widely used by many businesses or are seen as unhelpful due to the fact that businesses may be unable to afford these incentive plans or they do not see returns through cheaper health insurance premiums immediately.

Advisers have also suggested that, for employers who are considering these health incentive programs, they interview employees to see whether they would use these plans, as investing in one of these programs may simply be wasteful if workers are not willing to get themselves into a healthier condition. However, it has also been mentioned that these health incentive programs are not guaranteed to lower health insurance costs, but it does make for healthier workers which can be beneficial in their personal lives and in their professional life as well.

It goes without saying that a healthier employee is more of an asset to their employer, but again, health incentive programs are not always an instant fix for health insurance difficulties which some businesses may face and may require that companies look at other cost-saving measures which could lower expenses related to providing employer group health insurance options.