Affordable Short-Term Health Insurance Plans Needed For Unemployed As Concerns Over Uninsured Rise

There are many who feel that affordable short-term health insurance plans may be more needed by unemployed individuals as the number of Americans who are without healthcare insurance seems to be on the rise. Numerous individuals who have been dealing with unemployment difficulties have had options for COBRA health insurance benefits, but there have been more and more individuals who have either been unable to afford this extension of their previous health insurance or these benefits have become exhausted due to long-term employment.

Obviously, issues like unemployment and health insurance for individuals who are without jobs are quite complex as there are opportunities for jobless men and women to find health insurance outside of short-term health insurance plans. However, many have turned to these health insurance options through short-term programs simply because they can offer more affordable monthly payment obligations and other forms of health insurance and are usually set in place simply to assist men and women who are seeking a job of avoiding high costs if a catastrophic emergency were to arise.

Yet, as unemployment remains a problem and long-term unemployed men and women begin exhausting their benefits from unemployment insurance, there are questions as to whether even low-cost short-term health insurance plans will be affordable. There are some who feel that seeking out health insurance options, even COBRA health insurance opportunities, are simply an expense that unemployed men and women cannot meet.

Reports have stated that there are over 50 million Americans who are uninsured at the present time, and while this is not solely due to unemployment, the number of uninsured men and women can be attributed to either job loss or employers cutting back on health care coverage thanks to economic hardships.

However, for unemployed individuals or those who are underemployed, these short-term health insurance plans can provide a safety net for a short period of time as they can, again, cover costs which may be associated with a high amount of medical treatment. While routine doctor visits and some medications may not be covered under these health insurance plans, many women who are seeking out the short-term health insurance opportunities are usually those who simply want to avoid excessive costs if medical treatment or surgery is needed due to illness or injury.

Unemployed individuals who are having trouble finding affordable health insurance options may have opportunities to acquire health insurance through their state or, in some fortunate instances, unemployed men and women have been able to acquire health insurance through a spouse’s health insurance plan, but again this is not always an option. Yet, advisers who have been receiving questions from unemployed individuals on whether affordable health insurance opportunities are available have often suggested that a variety of plans be explored with numerous health insurance providers as even something as simple as short-term health insurance may bring different coverage options under a particular carrier.