Unemployment Health Insurance After COBRA Expiration–Can Jobseekers Find Health Care Coverage

Health insurance for unemployed may be a current need as numerous individuals have seen the expiration of their COBRA benefits but have been unable to find a job that provides health care coverage. Yet, there are opportunities for some unemployed individuals to acquire health insurance which could be helpful while they continue to seek employment that will offer them a benefits package from an employer group health insurance plan.

However, what many are concerned about when it comes to health insurance is affordability. Obviously, numerous unemployed individuals are living on a fixed income and feel they cannot afford the payments which may be associated with a personal health insurance plan. While there are various options that can be acquired by unemployed individuals, understandably not everyone will be in position to take advantage of all of their health insurance options while unemployed.

One of the easiest options that unemployed men and women have when it comes to finding health insurance coverage is through the policy of a spouse. Health insurance options through benefits offered to a spouse from their employer may be the best bet for those who are looking jobs at the present time and have exhausted any health insurance coverage they may have thrown their previous employer.

Obviously, this may not be an option for some unemployed individuals as their spouse may not have a plan which can be used while they seek a job as their spouse may also be unemployed, among other things. Yet, there may also be some options for public medical coverage through state medical plans for those who qualify.

There have also been some unemployed individuals who turn to short-term health insurance options as these plans can be quite affordable and cover medical costs which may result from a catastrophic emergency. While some of these plans may not be beneficial for all unemployed men and women, they can help cover the uninsured against high medical costs in most cases.

Yet, there are still arguments that many unemployed make centering around the idea that paying for health insurance is simply too costly and they must simply go without. While there may be different options from state to state, and again health insurance through short-term plans may prevent against costly medical treatment if an accident were to occur, many advisers have suggested that unemployed individuals at least look into their possible health insurance opportunities as they are still seeking a job since medical costs which may be incurred without insurance could be much more costly and detrimental to one’s financial situation down the road.