Personal Health Insurance Plans For Unemployed–Need For Affordable Heath Care Options

Many unemployed men and women are without health insurance and, if a medical emergency arises, they run the risk of acquiring a large amount of medical debt related to the care they may need. Some have been able to extend health insurance options through COBRA but many long-term unemployed have been unable to sustain these payments associated with COBRA extension benefits, while others have simply exhausted this health insurance option.

However, health insurance plans for unemployed individuals are seen as unnecessary expenses by some as many men and women who are looking for a job are, obviously, living on a fixed income and may be unable to afford health insurance or view it as an unnecessary cost. There are those who feel that health insurance for unemployed men and women is simply taking a gamble as most health care options which are affordable may only cover high medical costs which may never be incurred.

As an example, short-term health insurance for unemployed offers, in most cases, affordable monthly payments which may be met by individuals who are without insurance due to job loss. Yet, these health insurance plans do not offer a wide range of coverage, but are typically set in place to cover an individual if a catastrophic event arises. While a car accident or an injury which requires surgery might occur, these short-term health insurance plans will prevent health care costs from being levied against an unemployed individual if an emergency situation arises.

Typically, short-term health insurance plans which are used by unemployed individuals will only require that the policyholder meet a certain cost, which will vary depending on the type of plan, but once this cost is met, other medical expenses related to high-cost medical treatment will be covered through these plans.

While the cost of a short-term health insurance plan for an unemployed individual may vary from state to state, there are mixed feelings as to whether unemployed individuals should acquire health insurance when they are out of work. Again, arguments have been made that if medical attention is required, an unemployed individual could find themselves in a very troubling position due to high medical debt, but some may also spend money for health insurance coverage they never need.

Individuals who may take preventative measures for health insurance, like investing in a health insurance savings account, may have other options for coverage if medical costs are incurred, but opportunities for unemployed men and women to find affordable health care coverage may not be numerous, as again, most are simply living on a fixed income that will not allow them to acquire an inclusive health insurance plan. However, plans like these short-term health insurance options have been used as a preventative measure against potential high medical costs while many men and women continue to look for work.