Increases In Job Opportunities Coming From Private Employers And Seasonal Jobs–Is The A Good Sign For Unemployment?

According to reports, employment in the private sector rose in the month of November as indications point to 93,000 jobs, which many view as a positive sign for unemployment. However, this gain in private employment was not enough to substantially drop the unemployment rate or reduce joblessness which is still a major problem across the nation.

While there have been indications that more retailers may hire a greater number of seasonal employees this year, when compared to last year, there is still concern that the amount of job opportunities which are permanent are not being created at a pace which will provide unemployment solutions in the near future.

It has been stated that employers would have to begin adding hundreds of thousands of jobs each month before the unemployment rate would begin to drop to a more manageable level. While there may be opportunities in the near future for more employment, there are some who feel businesses are simply being cautious at the present time due to uncertainty that still remains. Companies may be hesitant to hire workers because they are not seeing sales or business at a pace that necessitates additions to their workforce, but by not hiring companies are also not providing income opportunities for the unemployed, who could in turn generate more sales and business.

Yet, it’s hoped that more men and women who are finding opportunities through seasonal jobs, not simply private employers in various sectors, could find permanent positions after the holiday season has ended. Understandably, many seasonal jobs are not long-lasting, but it’s hoped that some unemployed individuals who have been offered a job opportunity for the holidays may find a more stable employment situation once the holiday shopping season has ended.

However, no matter if job growth is slow, private employers adding more jobs is a positive sign and, for those who have been unemployed for the long-term, it is hoped that these job additions will continue into the coming months. While there are optimistic views for employment next year, there are a few analysts who feel that unemployment will drop by any drastic amounts, yet recovery may continue to be slow, but hopefully steady.