Unemployment Healthcare Coverage–Options Beyond COBRA And Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance for those who are unemployed is obviously a very difficult situation to address as numerous jobless men and women are in a different position and may benefit from various types of health insurance opportunities for the unemployed. Typically, men and women have turned to either COBRA health insurance or short-term health insurance plans as a way to cover themselves in case of a medical emergency, which may necessitate high healthcare costs.

Yet, there have been proponents of alternative insurance plans that may go beyond COBRA and short-term health insurance opportunities. While COBRA benefits may have expired for some or have been too costly, there have been unemployed individuals who have turned to short-term health insurance plans as a way to guard themselves against being overwhelmed with medical debt were a bad situation to arise.

However, short-term health insurance is typically only used to protect the policyholder against high medical costs in cases where a catastrophic emergency may necessitate surgery, a hospital stay, or costly medical treatment. These types of health insurance plans usually do not cover routine doctor visits or other minor healthcare needs one may have.

Some advisers have suggested that unemployed individuals turn to family plans which may be offered through a spouse. Obviously, this situation may not be available for everyone who is unemployed, but certain individuals may be able to get grouped in with their spouse’s health insurance coverage at their place of employment, and it goes without saying that this would be greatly beneficial for anyone who is seeking a job at the present time but is uninsured.

Also, buying health insurance through the private market is another option that may be used for individuals who don’t qualify for a COBRA health insurance plan, may be unable to use a spouse’s health insurance plan to obtain coverage, and may need health insurance that goes beyond what a short-term plan may offer. However, the problem with this health insurance option often comes down to price as unemployed individuals who are seeking health insurance will obviously not be able to pay excessive costs associated with coverage.

Unemployed individuals who have sought out health insurance coverage while they are unemployed have, understandably, looked for the most affordable health insurance option they could find, but one that would prevent them from acquiring debt related to medical costs that could greatly hurt their financial life down the road. Sadly, at the present time the way most unemployed men and women have found health insurance opportunities that are right for their particular situation is to simply do a heavy amount of research and look into qualifications which may be specific to one’s state or condition. Again, short-term health insurance plans are one option which unemployed individuals have used to simply guard themselves against excessive costs, but it’s understandable that more comprehensive coverage is needed by the vast majority of those who are jobless and still seeking employment that could also offer health insurance coverage.