Unemployed Health Insurance–Need For Healthcare After COBRA Benefits Have Expired

Unemployed individuals have mainly been focusing on unemployment benefits extensions as a way to simply stay afloat, but there are numerous individuals who have been in need of healthcare options for those who are without a job. Obviously, COBRA benefits have been helpful for some, yet for those who are without a job or who are living on a fixed income and this form of health insurance has either become too costly or may have expired due to long-term unemployment problems.

Yet, there have been some individuals who are still seeking a job who have turned to alternative form of health insurance for unemployed men and women. However, there are those who argue that health insurance for the unemployed is simply unavailable on a larger scale, despite the fact that there have been some men and women who have been able to benefit from specific types of insurance coverage options.

As an example, some people have turned to short-term health insurance as a way to cover themselves if high medical costs are required in the future. While there are younger men and women who may have graduated school and are unable to find insurance opportunities, or a job for that matter, who had been able to cover themselves on their parent’s health insurance plan, this is an unavailable option for many who have lost their job later in life.

Yet, opportunities like short-term health insurance plans do offer protection against high medical costs, in some cases, and are typically much more affordable than COBRA health insurance payments. The problem with short-term health insurance, for many, is the fact that these types of coverage are usually only to prevent unemployed men women from having to pay high medical costs if an unexpected illness or injury requires extensive medical treatment, surgeries, or extended stays in the hospital, all of which can be quite costly.

It’s for this reason that more men and women who are trying to overcome the difficulties associated with long-term unemployment may be unable to find affordable health insurance coverage due to preexisting conditions or other medical needs, like affording medication. While short-term health insurance plans are not helpful for everyone, they have been a low-cost way that numerous unemployed individuals have been able to avoid high medical costs in the case of a catastrophic emergency, but again the call for more availability of health insurance plans is needed as the job market, and even employers, are not providing the healthcare insurance opportunities that many greatly need.