College Scholarship Opportunities For High School Seniors Can Help Meet University Tuition Costs

No matter one’s age, there are scholarships which can be helpful in meeting college tuition costs for a wide range of men and women who may fall into various categories related to age, gender, race, or occupation. However, some of the most common types of scholarship opportunities are usually for high school seniors who are about to begin their college career and will obviously need a great deal of assistance when it comes to meeting university tuition costs.

While there have been men and women who have returned to college at a later age, especially as of late since economic difficulties have necessitated that many either retrain or further their education for job opportunities, scholarships for high school seniors are still one of the more common types of financial assistance offered to young men and women who are about to begin their college career.

Scholarships for high school seniors may fall into various categories like merit-based scholarships, service scholarships, or even institutional scholarships. The degree that a student plans to pursue or career they wish to enter after graduation may also open up scholarship opportunities for specific individuals who are seeking a career in a field like teaching, as an example.

Certain institutional scholarships, which are typically merit-based, may also be offered directly from a university, so high school seniors who have decided which university they plan to attend, upon being accepted, may qualify for certain financial opportunities available directly from that school. While there are countless examples of these types of scholarships, one of the more widely known merit scholarship programs is the Morehead-Cain scholarship at the University of North Carolina. Again, this is just one of many scholarships offered directly from universities, but these types of institutional financial assistance opportunities can meet the entirety of one’s tuition costs, as well as fees and extras like books.

However, students who have been successful in acquiring scholarships directly out of high school have also looked, not only at institutional or national scholarship programs, but at state and local scholarship opportunities as well. Understandably, scholarships for high school seniors are quite competitive and could necessitate that some individuals do a great deal of research if they cannot find the amount of funding they need. Some students who may not have grades which will allow them to be competitive for particular scholarships do still have options as, again, scholarships are awarded for countless reasons.

High school students may also have opportunities for financial assistance through federal grants or student loans, but grants may be very specific as to who can qualify and, obviously, student loans should be a last resort as acquiring debt is to be avoided if at all possible. However, the majority of high school students who are entering college have found assistance through various college scholarships, but again, research has been required as there are financial aid opportunities from numerous scholarship sources.