Medical Insurance For Jobless–Are Affordable Plans Available For Unemployed Or Is Unemployment Insurance Too Expensive?

Many men and women who have lost their job have been left without medical insurance and, as a result of high unemployment or simply working for an employer who does not offer healthcare coverage, these individuals have been seeking out affordable plans for health insurance. Yet, there are many who feel that health insurance plans outside of traditional coverage, typically offered through employer group health insurance plans, is simply too costly especially for individuals who have lost their job.

Obviously, those who have been unemployed have options, in many cases, through COBRA health insurance plans which may meet their medical costs at the present time. There have been opportunities for men and women who were unemployed to continue under their employer’s group health insurance plan, but these costs can also become quite expensive for those who have no income or may be relying on unemployment benefits as their only source of capital.

However, there are opportunities for personal insurance plans that may be helpful to men and women who are currently looking for employment. These short-term health insurance plans may not cover a wide range of treatment options, but they do prevent individuals from paying high medical costs if a catastrophic emergency work to arise. Obviously, incidents like automobile accidents or personal injury may require extended hospital stays, a great deal of medical treatment, or an expensive surgical procedure.

Short-term health insurance plans may help individuals when it concerns these forms of medical procedures, but many men and women who are in need of ongoing medical care, who may want a more extensive coverage plan, or who may need assistance paying for their prescriptions might not benefit from certain types of individual plans or may simply be unable to afford them.

When it concerns a personal health insurance plan or medical insurance for unemployed individuals, it will depend on that person’s situation as to whether opportunities from COBRA or short-term health insurance plans will be more affordable or even available.

Understandably, unemployed individuals may feel that they should not waste money meeting monthly premiums on certain types of health insurance plans, but advisers have often suggested that individuals seeking personal health insurance options look at various health insurance plans before giving up on finding medical insurance. Again, certain types of plans may not be able to cover a wide range of medical costs, but for those who are simply looking to cover themselves in case a major medical emergency were to arise, there had been affordable plans which have helped numerous men and women who are still looking for an employment opportunity.