Health Insurance Options For Self-Employed–Short-Term Plans Available For To Cover High Medical Costs

Short-term health insurance plans have been an option for jobless individuals when it comes to providing medical coverage for unemployed individuals. However, similar short-term health insurance plans are also available for individuals who are self-employed and may be looking for an affordable way to cover themselves in case of a medical emergency.

While the types of personal health insurance plans that are available greatly vary, many individuals, like self-employed business owners, turn to the short-term plans simply because of the affordability. Typically, monthly premiums on the short-term health insurance plans are quite low and, in some cases, are more affordable than COBRA health insurance benefits.

However, the main drawback with the short-term health insurance plans is that they are not incredibly inclusive concerning the types of medical treatment that will be covered. When it comes to routine doctor visits and preventative medical treatment, like physicals, short-term health insurance plans typically do not offer much relief from the costs associated with these types of medical procedures.

Yet, many small business owners or self-employed individuals have simply taken on short-term health insurance plans as a way to cover themselves in the case that a major medical emergency were to arise which required expensive surgery or a costly hospital stay, which would obviously create a difficult financial problem for anyone without insurance.

Individuals who seek out these short-term health insurance plans often feel that the amount that they must meet in costs or deductibles will be far more affordable than if they had medical costs which were excessive due to an emergency which may arise concerning their health.

However, these short term health insurance plans are helpful for some, but they are usually only used by self-employed individuals until they can get on their feet and afford a more inclusive health insurance plan which will cover a wider range of medical treatment. Yet, advisers still suggest that self-employed men and woman seeking these health insurance plans shop around to find the best coverage and costs for their situation, as even these short-term plans can vary in a certain cases.