Short-Term Health Insurance Plans May Help Cover Medical Costs For Unemployed–Are Plans Worth The Cost?

Unemployed individuals who have found themselves without health insurance have turned to short-term health insurance plans as a way to cover themselves if medical costs suddenly arise due to a major medical emergency. While the short-term health insurance plans are often said to be more affordable than COBRA benefits, in certain cases, many are wondering whether unemployed men and women should meet the costs of these health insurance plans simply as a way to cover themselves against a major medical emergency.

Obviously, many see health insurance for unemployed individuals through the short-term health care plans as a gamble. Understandably, any type of insurance is paid in case something were to go wrong, and for unemployed individuals, if a sudden medical emergency were to arise that necessitated high medical costs from treatment or surgery, these short-term health insurance plans could help that person avoid excessive medical debt.

Short-term health insurance plans for individuals who are without a job often do come with affordable monthly payment options, but they are only used by those who wish to have a security net in case of a catastrophic emergency, like an accident or injury, which could result in a lengthy hospital stay, surgical procedures, or other expenses related to medical treatment. Yet, individuals who are unemployed and living on a fixed income often feel that the cost of these health insurance plans are simply not worth the money, as they will not help lower costs on options like routine doctor visits, in most cases.

However, individuals who have sought out these types of health insurance plans have simply done so in the hopes of guarding themselves against excessive medical debt until they can find a more permanent health insurance plan, which hopefully will come from a job opportunity. While these arguments both for and against short-term health insurance plans do make valid points, essentially it comes down to whether an individual is willing to risk acquiring a high amount of medical debt while they are uninsured and unemployed.

Understandably, even affordable short-term health insurance plans may be beyond the financial means of some, but there have been individuals who are simply using these plans as a way to prepare if a worst-case scenario were to arise which required medical treatment.