Increases In Private Jobs Doesn’t Help Unemployment Rate–Seasonal Holiday Jobs May Provide Temporary Income

Reports have indicated that private employers added more jobs for the month of October, which was a pleasant surprise for many economists who felt that private hiring and job creation may have been low. However, there are some who are concerned that seasonal holiday job opportunities are the source for this increase in job creation, and may not point to an over all increase in long-term employment opportunities.

Yet, despite the increase in job creation, the unemployment rate still remains high and has been stagnant over the past months. Recently, there have been more jobs which are reportedly to have been added from private employers, which is, again, something that has been sought out for many months in order to combat the joblessness in our nation.

However, unemployment has been terribly stubborn and still remains much higher than many would like, especially since there are jobs being created in some areas. There are those who argue that the availability of jobs may be more widespread, but either unemployed men and women are slow to acquire these employment positions or hiring standards may have become so strict that men and women who are seeking jobs simply do not qualify.

Retailers have stated that they expect to hire more workers over the holiday season, which will be helpful for some jobseekers in terms of income, and these employees hope that temporary, seasonal jobs may become more permanent after the end of the year. Obviously, the many unemployed men and women who are vying for these jobs hope to show themselves to be an asset in certain areas and possibly gain a permanent employment opportunity or at least remain employed in a temporary or part-time capacity longer.

Despite reservations about the increases in job additions for October, many point to the fact that there have been more private sector jobs added over the past months, and despite seasonal opportunities attributing to some of the jobs which will be created in the coming months, there are optimists who feel that since more private industries are hiring, the unemployment rate should begin to decline even though the road to recovery for the job market still has a long way to go.