Senior Reverse Mortgage Loans–Do Homeowners Benefit From Accessing Capital From Home Equity?

Senior citizens have the option, in certain cases, to take advantage of a reverse mortgage loan on their home, which can give them access to capital from equity built up in their property. Reverse mortgages have been used in the past as a way to obtain funding for a variety of expenses later in life, like medical costs, home repair, investing, or for erasing a mortgage payment obligation.

However, concerning reverse mortgages, there are differing opinions as to whether senior citizen homeowners can benefit from this type of home loan and if they should take advantage of reverse mortgage opportunities. One of the big draws for a reverse mortgage is that homeowners are not required to make payments on this form of debt. Obviously, homeowners who are able to access money from their home’s equity and not have to repay the loan can benefit greatly, but financial advisers often caution homeowners and are quick to remind them that a reverse mortgage will eventually have to be repaid.

Again, there have been various uses for reverse mortgages, like homeowners using the money they gain to erase the remainder of their mortgage obligation, thus eliminating monthly mortgage payments. However, homeowners must remain in their home and pay their property taxes if they are to avoid repayment requirements on a reverse mortgage loan.

In many cases, a reverse mortgage is repaid after a homeowner passes away, with funds used from a homeowner’s estate or through the sale of the home on which the reverse mortgage is attached. However, situations can arise where a homeowner no longer uses their home as their principal residence and this will necessitate the repayment of the reverse mortgage.

Understandably, there are numerous factors a homeowner must consider when researching reverse mortgages and how they will affect their personal financial life, and it’s for this reason that advisers often have mixed feelings on reverse mortgage home loans. While, over the past months, there have been homeowners who were able to take advantage of a reverse mortgage without any adverse effects, senior homeowners are still cautioned to heavily research their reverse mortgage options before proceeding with this type of home loan.