Alternative Home Loan Modifications From Citigroup May Aid More Homeowners In Need Of Mortgage Payment Assistance

Despite seeing some success in the Making Home Affordable Program and increased numbers for permanent home loan modifications that have been made, Citigroup has still come under criticism from homeowners who feel more needs to be done to provide foreclosure prevention options for troubled homeowners. Yet, there are indications which suggest servicers like Citigroup have been able to offer proprietary modifications at a higher number for homeowners who are struggling with their mortgage payment.

In cases where a homeowner may be denied assistance through the Making Home Affordable Program, these in-house alternative modification plans from Citigroup and other servicers are said to be outpacing the governmental modification program, but there are still some difficulties that remain.

While it may give homeowners hope to know that if they are denied a home loan modification from HAMP they may be able to take advantage of alternative mortgage assistance plans, there have been some complaints still from these alternative modification initiatives. Citigroup, who has seen positive results in the Making Home Affordable modification plan, does offer various foreclosure prevention efforts to homeowners, but there are still numerous individuals who feel that they are being treated unfairly concerning their home loan.

It should be understood that home loan modifications are no guarantee to a lower monthly mortgage payment or may not aid every homeowner in preventing the loss of their home, but there are some homeowners who may not be aware of alternative modification assistance. While Citigroup homeowners are still being prompted to talk with their servicer concerning options available for their mortgage situation, factors like unemployment are still causing the success of these assistance programs to be lackluster in some cases.