Worker And Unemployed Health Insurance Plans–Are There Healthcare Options Outside Of COBRA?

Health insurance plans provided by business owners, typically under programs like an employer group health insurance option, have been beneficial to many individuals who are working with a company and are in need of healthcare coverage. Yet, unemployed workers have often had to choose from either remaining without coverage or opting for a COBRA health insurance plan after the loss of their job.

However, recent arguments have arisen that certain types of unemployed health insurance opportunities may be more financially affordable to unemployed men and women than COBRA healthcare benefits. Short-term health insurance plans have been a popular option for numerous unemployed men and women who have either lost their job or are currently uninsured by their employer.

Yet, arguments against opting for a short-term health insurance plan versus COBRA health insurance often come in the form of concerns that short-term health insurance plans are not as comprehensive in many cases. Yet, individuals who are unemployed and cannot afford COBRA benefits do have options from the short-term health insurance plans which will allow them to cover medical costs in the case of an emergency.

While these plans for short-term health insurance may not cover routine doctor’s visits or checkups, in cases where an individual is in need of major medical treatment for an emergency or injury, these plans can drastically reduce the cost that must be paid for medical treatment or surgery.

Short-term health insurance can be different from state to state and there are different term options which may be used in some cases. However, unemployed men and women who are without health insurance and cannot afford COBRA benefits have been looking into their short-term health insurance options as a less expensive way to gain health insurance. However, it’s obviously advised that anyone seeking these plans shop around and seek the most affordable option they can find or a coverage plan which will be beneficial for there particular situation.