Long-Term Unemployed And Tier 5 Unemployment Benefits–Are Extended Benefits Past 99 Weeks Still Needed?

Many long-term unemployed men and women are still calling for a tier 5 unemployment benefits extension. There have been proposals for an additional tier to be added to current unemployment benefits extensions that are in place, but these measures have failed to generate much support and have, obviously, been unsuccessful so far.

However, there are still reports concerning troubles that remains for men and women who have been out of work for 99 weeks or more. Many say that with unemployment still a major problem in our nation, and job growth being slow, assistance for individuals who are out of work is needed, even if it concerns extension of benefits beyond the 99 week mark.

On the other hand, there are those who feel that unemployment benefits keep individuals from seeking a job, but such statements have caused a great deal of debate as the income from unemployment benefits is typically not sufficient for the majority of unemployed individuals’s financial needs.

There are some who hope that after the midterm elections have concluded, the issue may be raised again in Congress.  Arguments in support of extended benefits often center around the high unemployment rate and housing troubles that are the result of homeowners who are without a full-time job.

Yet, arguments for benefits extensions because of housing problems may no longer carry much weight as assistance programs are not allowing homeowners to claim income from unemployment insurance concerning qualification requirements for some programs.  However, there are those who believe that Congress will most likely be unable to pass any extensions before the end of the year due to holiday breaks and the time it takes to debate this issue.  Because of this many feel the possibility of unemployment extensions may be unlikely at the present time for those in need of benefits beyond 99 weeks.