Citigroup Home Loan Assistance–Are Mortgage Modifications For Lower Mortgage Payments Still An Option?

Citigroup homeowners still in need of mortgage assistance may have opportunities available through not only traditional home loan modification plans, but extension plans from the Making Home Affordable Program or proprietary home loan modifications made directly from servicers. While there are numerous mortgage assistance opportunities available to homeowners, there are some who feel these plans are not doing enough to offer individual’s foreclosure prevention assistance.

Despite the fact that home loan modifications are still continuing, many homeowners point out that the Making Home Affordable Program has slowed greatly as of late. Citigroup has continued to make mortgage assistance available, but there are homeowners who feel that the number of foreclosures are far too high for the amount of available mortgage assistance plans.

While Citigroup does offer alternative modification programs and foreclosure alternative plans, many homeowners are still continuing to struggle and may be in need of alternative mortgage assistance. Second lien modifications, unemployment forbearance options, and underwater mortgage opportunities may also be available to certain homeowners who are not benefiting from traditional home loan assistance.

Yet, there are still those who feel mortgage servicers must do more to help homeowners as factors like unemployment or other financial troubles continue to wreak havoc on not only the lives of homeowners but the economy as well.

Mortgage assistance through servicers like Citigroup is still available, despite reports indicating these forms of assistance are slowing. However, homeowners who are having trouble are being prompted to contact their servicer early so that they have the best opportunity at preventing the loss of their home. Mortgage modifications and other assistance plans have been helpful to some, but they are by no means a universal solution to every homeowner’s problems, and for this reason, homeowners are advised to explore multiple options, like assistance from state housing agencies, when it comes to mortgage payment assistance.