Personal Health Insurance Plans–Unemployed Healthcare Options May Cover High Medical Costs

Individuals who may not be covered under an employer group health insurance plan or who may be unemployed at the present time have turned to personal health insurance options in order to cover themselves in case they come upon a situation where they are in need of costly medical treatment. While many say that this type of medical insurance is wasteful spending, there are unemployed individuals or self-employed men and women who use options like short-term health insurance plans as a way to provide themselves with some form of health insurance in case an emergency arises.

Typically, short-term health insurance policies can be offered to unemployed individuals or workers seeking to insure themselves where an employer has not done so. Yet, these types of insurance plans are usually preventative options for individuals in the case of an emergency. Usually, these plans are obtained simply as a way to aid individuals if a situation arises, like a personal injury or accident, which may necessitate surgery, prolonged hospital visits, or costly medical treatment.

While these plans may not be helpful for someone who wishes to gain health insurance for routine medical visits or seasonal medical care, they can be beneficial in cases where an uninsured individual is able to obtain one of these plans and, again, an accident arises.

There are various types of short-term health insurance plans, and the amount of coverage offered may differ in certain areas. However, many people are often concerned over the cost and, especially for unemployed individuals, they feel that short-term health insurance plans are simply too expensive while they are living on a fixed income. Yet, insurance agents often argue that it is situations where individuals do have a fixed income where these plans can be most beneficial if a medical emergency arises.

Some short-term health insurance plans can be less expensive than COBRA health benefits, which obviously would be helpful to anyone who may not have a sizable income at the present time. However, individuals who are seeking some form of short-term health insurance plans are often advised to shop around and talk with various agents about different plans so that the best option for their situation can be found.